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Missieri Jistenna s-Sema Blu المالطية

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Dit-Tagħbija Barranija المالطية

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TAL-ĠELATI المالطية

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Ċinji المالطية

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Adrian Grima 

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* 25.01.1968, St. Julian's, مالطا
يعيش في: Pembroke, مالطا

Adrian Grima (*1968, Malta) teaches Maltese literature at the University of Malta.

His poems are sometimes very personal commentaries and intellectual analyses of current political events. Some of the poems in his collection “Rakkmu” (2006), for example, dealt with the fate of immigrants in the Mediterranean and Palestinians. In 2008, he published a volume of poetry and essays on climate change in partnership with Immanuel Mifsud which won the Special Prize for Creativity in the National Book Awards (2009).

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A book of poetry (Maltese, with English translations) with a music CD by Rory McCarron will be published shortly in Northern Ireland. Grima has given lectures worldwide on literature, culture and the Mediterranean region and published articles and anthologies of contemporary Maltese literature.

Grima co-ordinates the Mediterranean cultural organisation Inizjamed, which he co-founded in 1998, and in 2004 he organised the Klandestini – Emerging Mediterranean Writers festival. Adrian Grima has been the director of the Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival since 2007.

  • It-Trumbettier

    ktieb tal-poeżiji

    Illustrations by Adrian Mamo and Raphael Vella and English translations Adrian Grima made with Peter Serracino Inglott


  • The Tragedy of the Elephant

    poems translated into English

    Inizjamed & Midsea Books, 2005

  • Rakkmu

    Poeżiji 1995-2005

    Klabb Kotba Maltin, 2006

  • Dieser verwundete Frühling - Dir-Rebbiegħa Midruba

    Poeżiji Malti-Ġermaniż

    Edizzjoni Skarta, 2007

  • Riħ min-Nofsinhar


    Edizzjoni Skarta, Malta, 2008

  • 1999 Second prize in the Premio Tivoli Europa Giovani for books of poetry published in Europe in 1999

  • 2009 Special Prize for Creativity in the National Book Awards

  • 2009 Premio Storie per la scrittura momentista (sezione straniera)