Alexej Parschtschikow  (Алексей Парщиков)




Alexej Parschtschikow  Алексей Парщиков

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* 24.05.1954, Olga, Russie
03.04.2009, Cologne, Allemagne

Alexei Parshchikov, born in 1954 near Vladivastok in the Primorsky region, grew up in the Ukraine, first graduated from the Kiev Academy of Agriculture and worked as a scientist for two years before studying literature in Moscow at the Maxim Gorky Literature Institute and later at Stanford.

It was not until perestroika in 1989 that he made his debut with "Forms of Intuition" (Kiev 1989). Together with Alexander Eremenko, Ivan Shdanow and Ilja Kutik, he is considered to be one of the so-called Metarealists, one of the most important and influential currents of recent Russian poetry.

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He translated from English, German and Ukrainian, his own texts have been translated into 15 languages so far. In April 2009 he died in Cologne, where he had lived since 1995.

  • Фигуры интуиции

    Москва́: Московский рабочий, 1989

  • Blue Vitriol

    Penngrove: Avec Press, 1994

  • Cyrillic Light

    Москва́: Серия книг журнала «Золотой вѣкъ», 1995

  • Выбранное

    Москва́: Иц-Грант, 1996

  • Соприкосновение пауз

    (Совместный проект с художником Игорем Ганиковским)

    Москва́: Центральный выставочный зал «Манеж», 2004

  • Ангары

    Москва́: Наука, 2006

  • Erdöl

    Gedichte, russisch-deutsch

    Aus dem Russischen von Hendrik Jackson

    Kookbooks, 2011

  • Дирижабли

    (Поэтическая библиотека)

    Москва́: Время, 2014

  • Минус-корабль

    Санкт-Петербург: Издательство «Пальмира», 2018

  • 1985 ауреат премии А.Белого

  • 2005 почетной премии России Литературная Легенда