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Marija Dejanović 

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* 27.06.1992, Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina
lives in: Larissa, Greece

Marija Dejanović was born in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1992. She grew up in Croatia, Sisak, and currently lives in Zagreb, Croatia, and Larissa, Greece.

In the year 2018 her manuscript "Ethics of Bread and Horses" ("Etika kruha i konja") won the "Goran" award for young poets and “Kvirin” award for young poets. The Manuscript "Heartwood" ("Središnji god") won her the "Zdravko Pucak" award. Her trilingual book, “Visible Bone”, was published in Athens, Greece, by Poets’ Cycle in 2020. She won the “Milo Bošković” award for a single poem.

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Her poems were published in ten world languages. She presented her poetry at festivals and readings in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, and Greece. Literary reviews and translations from English by the author appeared in renowned literary magazines in Croatia.

Marija Dejanović studied pedagogy and literary theory in Zagreb.

She is a member of the Croatian Writers’ Society and international poets’ and festivals’ platform Versopolis. She’s one of the editors of “Tema” magazine. She is the assistant director of Thessalian Poetry Festival (Πανθεσσαλικό Φεστιβάλ Ποίησης).

  • Etika kruha i konja

    (Ethics of Bread and Horses)

    Zagreb: SKUD IGK, 2018

  • Središnji god



  • Orato Osto/ Visible Bone/ Vidljiva kost

    Athens: Poets Circle, 2020

  • 2018 Goran award for young poets

  • 2018 Kvirin award for young poets

  • 2018 Zdravko Pucak award

  • 2020 Milo Bošković award