Joan Margarit 




Joan Margarit 

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* 11.05.1938, Barcelona, Spain
16.02.2021, Barcelona, Spain

Joan Margarit studied Architecture in Barcelona and moved to live permanently in this city in 1961. Since 1968 he has been Professor of Calculus at the School of Architecture in Barcelona.

The most intensive and successful part of his work has been written since 1987.Throughout its long and supple existence, Joan Margarit’s poetry has kept acquiring more and more readers so that he has now become one of the most widely read Catalan poets in Catalonia and also in the rest of the Peninsula. His early works were written in Spanish but he would eventually switch to Catalan.

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His poetry is realist with a strong presence of autobiographical elements, a well-tempered use of metaphor, and reflections of a moral nature that move from the individual to the collective. In Margarit’s work, anonymous individuals and jazz musicians might be the protagonists of a poem. Among the awards he has received are the Crítica Serra d’Or Prize for Poetry, the Flor Natural Prize in the Jocs Florals of Barcelona (on two occasions) the Carles Riba Prize, the National Literature Prize and the Jaume Fuster Prize. 

His poetry has been translated to English, Russian, Hebrew, German, Portuguese and French. He is also a translator from Catalan to Spanish and German and from English to Catalan. 

  • Vell malentés

    València: Tres I Quatre,, 1981

  • El passat I la joia

    Barcelona: Eumo, 1982

  • Cants d’Hekatónim de Tifundis

    Barcelona: La Gaia Ciència, 1982

  • L’illa del tresor

    Barcelona: Ajuntament de Barcelona, 1985

  • Mar d’hivern

    Barcelona: Enciclopèdia Catalana, 1986

  • Els motius del llop

    Barcelona: Columna, 1993

  • Aiguafort

    Barcelona: Columna, 1995

  • Remolcadors entre la boira

    Argentona: L’aixernador, 1995

  • Antologia del navegant

    Barcelona: La Magrana, 1993,

  • Estació de França

    Madrid: Hiperión, 1999

  • Trist el que mai no ha perdut per amor una casa

    Barcelona: Enciclopèdia Catalana, 2001

  • Joana

    Barcelona: Proa, 2002

  • Els primers freds, poesia 1975-1995

    Barcelona: Proa, 2004

  • Càlcul d’estructures

    Barcelona: Proa, 2005

  • Perdiu Jove

    Barcelona: Cruïlla, 2006

  • Casa de misericòrdia

    Barcelona: Proa, 2007

  • Barcelona: amor final

    Barcelona: Enciclopèdia Catalana, 2007

  • Misteriosament feliç

    Barcelona: Proa, 2008

  • Noves cartes a un jove poeta

    Barcelona: Proa, 2009

  • No era lluny ni difícil

    Barcelona: Proa, 2010

  • Poesia amorosa completa

    Barcelona: Edicions 62, 2010

  • Es perd el senyal

    Barcelona: Proa, 2012

  • Marbre d'aire

    Andorra La Vella: Editorial Andorra, 2012

  • Poemes d'amor

    Barcelona: Enciclopèdia catalana, 2013

  • Des d'on tornar a estimar

    Barcelona: Proa, 2015

  • 1981 Critica Prize

  • 1982, 1987, 2007 Serra d’Or Prize

  • 1984, 2008 Premio Nacional de la Crítica

  • 1985 Flor Natural Prize

  • 1985 Carles Riba Prize

  • 2005 Serra d’Or Prize

  • 2007 Premi Gabriel Ferrater

  • 2008 Premi Nacional de Literatura de la Generalitat de Catalunya

  • 2016 Jaume Fuster Prize

  • 2017 Premio Iberoamericano de Poesía Pablo Neruda

  • 2008 Rosalía de Castro Prize

  • 2008 Premio Nacional de Poesía

  • 2013 Víctor Sandoval Poetas del Mundo Latino Prize

  • 2016 Jaume Fuster Award

  • 2017 Pablo Neruda Ibero-American Poetry Award

  • 2019 Premio Cervantes

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