Yildiz Çakar 




Derî-1 库尔德文

Derî-2 库尔德文

Derî-3 库尔德文

Derî-4 库尔德文

Çi dixwazî 库尔德文

翻译: de

to poem

Ger ji destê te bihata 库尔德文

翻译: en

to poem

Peyva dawîn 库尔德文

Zêmarên Rojê -I- 库尔德文

翻译: ende

to poem

Xeyidime 库尔德文

翻译: en

to poem

Yildiz Çakar 

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* 20.11.1978, Diyarbekir, 土耳其
居住于:Berlin, 德国

Yildiz Çakar (born in 1978 in Amed, Diyarbekir, Turkey) has worked as a correspondent and editor for Kurdish and Turkish newspapers. Her poems, published between 1999 and 2003 in the newspaper Azadiya Welat and the magazine Jiyana Rewşen, were published as the collection Goristana Stêrkan (Cemetery of the Stars) in 2004 by Weşanên Elma. Motifs in Çakar’s texts include death, experience of exile and the void. Next to her collections of verse Çakar has also published a collection of stories, an encyclopaedia of the culture, geography and history of Diyarbekir, prose texts under the title Leylanok (Illusion, Weşanên Avesta 2014), relating to the holy script Avesta, and a novella. She has taken part in various conferences and discussion panels in South Kurdistan, Europe and Turkey on Kurdish poetry and the voices and images of women in the ballads of the traditional Kurdish bards, known as Dengbêjs. Çakar is a founding member of the Kurdish Writers’ Association. Her poems and other writings have been translated into Turkish, Arabic, German and English.

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  • Goristana Sterkan

    Weşanên Elma, 2004

  • Deri

    Istanbul: Avesta Yayinlari, 2012

  • Leylanok

    Istanbul: Avesta Yayinlari, 2014

  • Yıldız Çakar auf der Suche nach der eigenen Sprache

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