Tomi Kontio 




Tomi Kontio 

Foto © Heini Lehväslaiho
* 16.02.1966, Helsinki, 芬兰
居住于:, 芬兰

Tomi Kontio, born 1966, is a Finnish poet, author and columnist. His first collection of poetry, Tanssisalitaivaan alla (Under the Ballroom Sky) was published in 1993. In addition to volumes of poetry (like Vaaksan päässä taivaasta in 2004 and Ilman nimeä olisit valoa (2011), he has written several works of prose and children’s books. He has studied literature, philosophy and aesthetics in Helsinki University.

 Foto © Heini Lehväslaiho
Kontio's poems are animistic, expressive and vivid in imagery. Similes, metaphors and metonymies are drawn from the natural world. In his poetry, Kontio works the everyday with supple imagination. The setting of a poem may be a suburban mall, the woods close-by, a beach, or, the starry canopy of the galaxies. The poems create a world that is mundane and strangely unfamiliar at the same time. The poems have an air of the mystical. They may be wistful, even melancholic, but they are still warm and comforting. Humor and irony hide between the lines.

His poems have been translated into English, Spanish, Polish, Swedish, German, Czech, Hungarian and Estonian.

  • Tanssisalitaivaan alla


    Helsinki: Tammi, 1993

  • Säädyttömät

    [short stories]

    Helsinki: Tammi, 1994

  • Uumen


    Helsinki: Tammi, 1995

  • Lukinkehrä


    Helsinki: Tammi, 1996

  • Taivaan latvassa


    Helsinki: Tammi, 1998

  • Keväällä isä sai siivet

    Austraasia trilogy (1)

    Helsinki: Tammi, 2000

  • Austraasian viimeiset lapset

    Austraasia trilogy (2)

    Helsinki: Tammi, 2002

  • Hermokuume

    [a collection of columns]

    Helsinki: Tammi, 2002

  • Vaaksan päässä taivaasta


    Helsinki: Teos, 2004

  • Miten puhua miehelle


  • Maan veli

    Austraasia trilogy (3)

    Helsinki: Tammi, 2005

  • Lehmä, jonka kyljessä oli luukku

    [children´s book]


  • Huoneistossa on eläimiä ja muita kirjoituksia


    Helsinki: Tammi, 2007

  • Kolmen kaupungin kainalossa

    (with Markku Kaskela)


  • Delta


    Helsinki: Teos, 2008

  • Viidakon kutsu

    Helsinki: Teos, Tammi, 2009

  • 1993 J. H. Erkko Prize

  • 1996 Kalevi Jäntti Prize

  • 1998 J. H. Erkko Short Story Prize

  • 1999 Helsingin Sanomat Prize

  • 2000 Finlandia Junior Prize

  • 2001 LukuVarkaus Prize for children’s literature