Thomas Möhlmann 




Thomas Möhlmann 

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* 18.11.1975, Baarn, 荷兰
居住于:Amsterdam, 荷兰

Thomas Möhlmann read Modern Dutch Literature at the University of Amsterdam and was a programmer for poetry theatre Perdu in Amsterdam, the chief editor of the Dutch poetry magazine Awater and editor of several literary websites and poetry anthologies.

He has published four books of poetry in Dutch and compiled eleven poetry anthologies in the Netherlands, Macedonia, Argentina, Colombia and the UK. His first collection of poems, De vloeibare jongen (2005) was shortlisted for the C. Buddingh’ Prize for new Dutch language poetry in 2006 and was awarded the prestigious Lucy B. & C.W. van der Hoogt Prize in 2007.

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For more than a decade he had worked at the Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature as genre specialist for poetry. He has left the Dutch Foundation for Literature in april 2017 to focus on his career as a poet and a writer in his own right.

Thomas Möhlmann is also one of the poets behind Game of Poems: a project in which poetry responds to Game of Thrones.

He teaches at the ArtEZ Academy of Arts in Arnhem and the Amsterdam Writers Academy, and is one of the editors of Dutch poetry magazine Awater.

  • De vloeibare jongen

    Amsterdam: Prometheus, 2005

  • Een draad die alles heel houdt

    Hilversum: Uitgeverij 69, 2008


    The poetry of Martinus Nijhoff

    Edited by Thomas Möhlmann

    UK: Carcanet Press / Anvil Press Poetry, 2008

  • Kranen open

    Amsterdam: Prometheus, 2009

  • Waar we wonen

    Amsterdam: Prometheus, 2013

  • Ik was een hond

    Amsterdam: Prometheus, 2017

  • 2003 Dunya Poëzie Prijs

  • 2007 Lucy B. & C.W. van der Hoogt-prijs

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