Theodoros Chiotis  (Θεόδωρος Χιώτης)




Άτρακτος (παραλλαγή) 希腊文

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to poem

Μοσχεύματα 希腊文

Τραυλίζουσες ιδιοφυίες (παραλλαγή) 希腊文

Παραβολή 希腊文

1839/μεσοκυττάριο υγρό. 希腊文

Ρινόκεροι. 希腊文

Επίστρωση (Η προδοσία των εικόνων) 希腊文

Theodoros Chiotis  Θεόδωρος Χιώτης

Foto © Stavros Petropoulos
* 15.01.1977, Athens, 希腊
居住于:Athens, 希腊

Theodoros Chiotis (Athens, 1977) is a poet and literary theorist. He writes poetry and code poetry in Greek and English. He is the editor and translator of the anthology Futures: Poetry of the Greek Crisis (Penned in the Margins, November 2015), an anthology of Greek and diasporic Greek poets writing on the sociocultural crisis unfolding in Greece and beyond. His work has appeared in print and online magazines and anthologies in Greece, the UK, the US, Australia, Sweden, Turkey and Croatia. He has presented his work in literary festivals in Greece, Croatia and the UK. He has translated contemporary British and American poets into Greek and Aristophanes into English. He has published critical work on contemporary poetry, digital literature and autobiographical discourse in academic volumes in Greece and the UK. He is a member of the editorial board of the Greek literary magazine [φρμκ]. He has studied Classics and Modern Greek at the Universities of London and Oxford. He is currently working as Project Manager at the Cavafy Archive (Onassis Foundation) where he is spearheading new ways of approaching and reading Cavafy in multidisciplinary and intermedia contexts. He lives in Athens. His forthcoming collection in Greek is called Theory of the Machine and will be published in the second half of 2016.

 Foto © Stavros Petropoulos