Saila Susiluoto 




Saila Susiluoto 

Foto © Otava-Pekka Holmström
* 11.05.1971, Helsinki, 芬兰
居住于:, 芬兰

Saila Susiluoto (born 1971) has published four poetry collections. Saila Susiluoto's first volume, Siivekkäät ja Hännäkkäät ('The Winged and the Tailed') won the Kalevi Jäntti Prize for young writers in 2001.

Susiluoto writes prose poems. Her imagination is neither surrealistic nor realistic but imbued with both. Ordinary language and things are transfigured, reality becomes imaginary. In Susiluoto’s sensitive poetry girls and women are the main characters. They are confronted by orders, dos and don’ts, tragedies and anxiety. Her poetry flows associative and plenty, sometimes surrealistic. The perspectives are odd, changing and moving.

 Foto © Otava-Pekka Holmström
  • Siivekkäät ja hännäkkäät

    Helsinki: Otava, 2001

  • Huoneiden kirja

    Helsinki: Otava, 2003

  • Auringonkierto

    Helsinki: Otava, 2005

  • Missä leikki loppuu

    Helsinki: Otava, 2007

  • Carmen

    Helsinki; Otava, 2010,

  • Dogma

    Helsinki; Otava, 2012,

  • Ariadne

    Helsinki; Otava, 2015:

  • Metropolis: merkintöjä kadonneesta kaupungista

    Helsinki, Otava, 2018,

  • 2001 Kalevi Jäntti Prize

  • 2005 Finnish Award

  • 2011 Einari Vuorela Prize