Peter Sirr 




Peter Sirr 

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* 08.06.1960, Waterford, 爱尔兰
居住于:Dublin, 爱尔兰

Peter Sirr was born in 1960 in Waterford, Ireland. He studied at the Trinity College Dublin. He spent some years in the Netherlands and in Italy. Today he is a writer and translator in Dublin.

Peter Sirr has published seven volumes of poetry at The Gallery Press: “Marginal Zones” (1984), “Talk, Talk” (1987), “Ways of Falling” (1991), “The Ledger of Fruitful Exchange” (2000), “Nonetheless” (2004), “Selected Poems” ( 2004) and “The Thing Is” (2009, Michael Hartnett Award 2011).

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Sirr is a contributing writer for radio, he publishes essays and reviews in various newspapers and magazines, is Blogger ( and teaches Translation at Trinity College Dublin. Coming soon will also be a children's book. Sirr is a member of Aosdána, the Irish Academy of Arts.

  • Marginal Zones

    Oldcastle: Gallery Press, 1984

  • Talk, Talk

    Oldcastle: Gallery Press, 1987

  • Ways of Falling

    Oldcastle: Gallery Press, 1991

  • The Ledger of Fruitful Exchange

    Oldcastle: The Gallery Press, 1995

  • Bring Everything

    Oldcastle: The Gallery Press, 2000

  • Nonetheless

    Oldcastle: Gallery Press, 2004

  • Selected Poems 1982-2004

    Oldcastle: Gallery Press, 2004

  • The Thing Is

    Oldcastle: The Gallery Press, 2009

  • 2011 Michael Hartnett Award