Marc André Brouillette 




Le bleu [Il y a le bleu et la hauteur...] 法文

Le bleu [Le bleu imbibe le coton et couvre...] 法文

Le bleu [Au début, je regardais...] 法文

Le mauve [Je vis dans le retrait...] 法文

Le mauve [Le crépuscule monte...] 法文

Marc André Brouillette 

* 23.07.1969, Montreal, Quebec, 加拿大
居住于:Montreal, Quebec, 加拿大

Marc André Brouillette (*1969 in Montreal, Canada) has written several volumes of poetry. His works have been published in collections, anthologies and schoolbooks as well as in international magazines.

He regularly participates in readings and literary colloquia. In addition, he works with various magazines and media projects in the area of contemporary literature.