Lia Sturua  (ლია სტურუა )




ადამიანის ხმა 格鲁吉亚文

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*** [მთელი ღამე ბამბის ფეხებზე] 格鲁吉亚文

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*** [გაყინული ქუჩა ლურსმნებზე მატარებს] 格鲁吉亚文

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მეთორმეტე სართული 格鲁吉亚文

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*** [ზოგჯერ, ადამიანს ისე ეჩვევი] 格鲁吉亚文

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Lia Sturua  ლია სტურუა

Foto © Dirk Skiba
* 15.05.1939, Tbilisi, 格鲁吉亚
居住于:Tbilisi, 格鲁吉亚

Lia Sturua was born in Tbilisi in 1939. She graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University's Georgian Philology faculty in 1957. Since 1962 she has been giving lectures at Tbilisi State University. In 1974 she defended PhD thesis on “Artistic function of the Colour in Galaktion Tabidze’s Poetry”. 

In her exquisite, deep, elegant and emotive poetry she creates a landscape of sounds. Her first poetry volume called Trees in the City was published in 1962. Since then she published 12 poetry books and also novels and essays. Her poems are included in Georgian poetry anthologies and in The World Female Poems Anthology published in Paris and are translated into German, French, English and Finnish. In 1997 the Norwegian television company made a film about Lia Sturua.

 Foto © Dirk Skiba
Since 1999 Lia Sturua works at G.Tabidze museum as a literature consultant. In 2013 she was awarded with the main Georgian literature prize Saba

  • Trees in the City

    Nakaduli Publishing, 1962

  • Verses and Poems

    Sov. Georgia, 1986

  • Sonnets

    Merani Publishing, 1987

  • Contemplations at the Edge of the Sun

    Merani Publishing, 1989

  • Happy Silence

    Merani Publishing, 1996

  • One Hundred Sonnets and Others

    Merani Publishing, 1999

  • Stone Dropped in Milk

    Merani Publishing, 2002

  • 100 Verses

    Intelekti Publishing, 2008

  • The Sea is closed

    Siesta Publishing House, 2009

  • The Forgetting Day

    Publishing House Chveni Mtserloba, 2012

  • Selection

    Diogene Publishing House, 2013

  • What Ate the Vine

    Intelekti Publishing, 2013

  • Vice Versa

    Saunje Publishing, 2014

  • Enzephalogramm

    Aus dem Georgischen übersetzt von Nana Tchigladze, Nachdichtung von Stefan Monhardt

    Berlin: Edition Monhardt, 2018

  • 1988 Galaktion Tabidze Award

  • 1995 Georgian State Award for her Artistic Work

  • 2000 Shota Rustaveli State Prize for One Hundred Sonnets and Others

  • 2013 Literary award SABA, category: best poetry collection for The Forgetting Day