Kim Yideum 




세이렌의 노래 韩文

翻译: en

to poem

젖은 책 韩文

翻译: en

to poem

밤의 거리에서 혼자 韩文

翻译: en

to poem

데드볼 韩文

翻译: en

to poem

어둠의 선물 韩文

翻译: en

to poem

제가 쓴 시가 아닙니다 韩文

翻译: en

to poem

Kim Yideum 

Foto © Dirk Skiba
* 1969, Jinju, 韩国
居住于:Seoul, 韩国

Kim Yideum, born in 1969 in Jinju, South Korea, studied German literature and earned a doctorate in Korean literature at Gyeongsang National University. She writes polyphonic, wild, decidedly feminist poetry teeming with quirky personnel and multiple figures, destroying world orders with their unwieldy language. With eroticism, sarcasm and dissonance, with dirty sentences and a maximum of lyrical energy, she subverts social norms and exposes the encrusted structures of patriarchy, not only in Korea.

 Foto © Dirk Skiba
Kim Yideum is a professor at Hanyang Women’s Univeristy in Seoul, runs the Book Café Yideum, and edits her own publication series. Her poetry collection Hysteria was the first book translated from an Asian language into English to win the National Translation Award, and the first book to also recieve the Lucien Stryk Prize.

  • 별 모양의 얼룩

    [A Stain in the Shape of a Star]

    천년의시작 (Poem Sijak), 2005

  • 명랑하라 팜 파탈

    [Cheer up, Femme Fatale]

    문학과지성사 (Moonji Publishing), 2007

  • 말할 수 없는 애인

    [Inexpressible Love]

    문학과지성사 (Moonji Publishing), 2011

  • (블러드 시스터즈

    [Blood Sisters, novel]

    문학동네 (Munhakdongne), 2011

  • (베를린, 달렘의 노래

    [Song of Berlin, Dahlem]

    서정시학 (Lyric Poetry and Poetics), 2013

  • 히스테리아


    문학과지성사 (Moonji Publishing), 2014

  • Cheer Up, Femme Fatale

    Translated by Jiyoon Lee, Don Mee Choi and Johannes Göransson

    Notre Dame, IN: Action Books, 2016

  • Poems of Kim Yideum, Kim Haengsook & Kim Min Jeong

    Translated by Jiyoon Lee, Don Mee Choi, Jake Levine and Johannes Göransson

    Vagabond Press, 2017

  • Hysteria

    Translated by Jake Levine, Soeun Seo and Hedgie Choi

    Notre Dame, IN: Action Books, 2019

  • 2010 Poetry and the World Literary Award

  • 2011 Kim Daljin Changwon Literary Award

  • 2014 Poet’s Square: Poem of the Year Prize

  • 2015 1st 22nd Century Poetry Award

  • 2015 Kim Chunsu Poetry Award

  • 2020 National Translation Award (NTA) by the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA)

  • 2020 Lucien Stryk Prize