Kerstin Becker 




Erdäpfel 德文

Grabende 德文

ausnehmen 德文

Menschenschlag 德文

wildern 德文

Weltraum 德文

schwarze Kirschen 德文

翻译: sr

to poem

Heizhaus 德文

Territorium 德文

翻译: sr

to poem

Kerstin Becker 

Foto © Dirk Skiba
* 14.03.1969, Frankenberg, 德国
居住于:Dresden, 德国

Kerstin Becker (born in 1969 in Frankenberg) spent her childhood in Moosheim and Hainichen in Saxony. She has worked variously as a typesetter, a cemetery gardener and an agricultural worker. She now lives in Dresden with her two children and works as a writer and proof-reader.

Her texts have appeared in anthologies such as Lyrik im Anthropozän (kookbooks 2016) and in art and literature magazines such as ]trash[pool (7/2016) and Ort der Augen – ODA (Autumn 2016 issue). Her poems have been translated into Czech, Serbian and Arabic for print and radio. She has received many awards and fellowships for her work, most recently the 2015 Working Fellowship of the Office for Culture and Monument Protection in Dresden and the selection of Biestmilch as one of the Poetry Books of the Year by the Literaturhaus Berlin.

 Foto © Dirk Skiba
  • Fasernackte Verse

    Hamburg: Fixpoetry, 2012

  • Biestmilch

    Edition Azur, 2016

  • 2013 Irseer Pegasus, 2. Preis

  • 2014 Lyrikpreis München, 2. Preis