Ilya Kaminsky 




While Helicopters Circle, Sonya and Alfonso Drink in the Shower 英文

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Widower Alfonso 英文

A Child in His Arms 英文

Traffic 英文

Ilya Kaminsky 

Foto © Mirko Lux
* 18.04.1977, Odessa, 乌克兰
居住于:San Diego, California, 美国

Ilya Kaminsky was born in 1977 in Odessa in the Ukraine and started writing poems even as a youth in the Soviet Union. In 1993 he emigrated to the USA, where his family was granted asylum. At first he continued writing in Russian there, but in 2002 published his first collection of poems written in English, Musica Humana. His collection Dancing in Odessa (2004) earned him several prizes including the Metcalf Award of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the Whiting Writers’ Award, the Lannan Fellowship.
Kaminsky is among other things the editor in chief of Poetry International and the poetry editor of Words Without Borders. He is also the director of the Harriet Monroe Poetry Institute in Chicago and works as a translator from the Russian. His poetry, which has been translated into several different languages, has gained him a great amount of attention around the world. He lives in San Diego, California.

 Foto © Mirko Lux
  • Musica Humana

    Montpelier, Vermont: Chapiteau Press, 2002

  • Dancing in Odessa

    North Adams, Massachusetts: Tupelo Press, 2004

  • Ecco Anthology of International Poetry

    edited by Ilya Kaminsky and Susan Harris

    New York: Harper Collins, 2010

  • Deaf Republic

    Minneapolis, Minnesota: Graywolf, 2019

  • Republik der Taubheit

    übersetzt aus dem Englischen von Anja Kampmann

    München: Hanser Verlag, 2022

  • 2001 Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship

  • 2002 The Dorset Prize

  • 2005 American Academy of Arts and Letters Metcalf Award

  • 2005 ForeWord (magazine) Book of the Year Award in Poetry

  • 2005 Whiting Writers' Award

  • 2008 Lannan Literary Fellowship

  • 2018 Guggenheim Fellowship

  • 2019 Academy of American Poets fellowship