Ilana Shmueli 




[In spärlicher Wortlandschaft] 德文

翻译: ar

to poem

Müßige Betrachtungen ... ad libitum 德文

[Demokrit lacht nicht mehr] 德文

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to poem

[Novembersonne tastet mich aus] 德文

翻译: fr

to poem

[Zwischen dem Jetzt und dem Jetzt] 德文

翻译: fr

to poem

[Käme doch einer und fragte...] 德文

[Du sprichst vom lichtscheuen Held] 德文

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to poem

[Wachschlaf] 德文

Ilana Shmueli 

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* 07.03.1924, Czernowitz, 乌克兰
11.11.2011, Jerusalem, 以色列

Ilana Shmueli is a writer from Israel who was born as Liane Schindler in Czernowitz (Bukovina) in 1924. Her father was a factory owner, her mother came from a Viennese Jewish family. Shmueli attended a Romanian school until 1940 and afterwards, until 1941, a Yiddish school.

The family could escape deportation and fled to Palestine in 1944 where Ilana Shmueli studied Music, Social Work, and Criminology. She worked as social pedagogue in Tel Aviv for many years. Later she lived in Jerusalem. Ilana Shmueli died on November 11, 2011.

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Ilana Shmueli was, among others, acquainted with Oskar Kokoschka and Rose Ausländer. She was a friend of Paul Celan. She met Celan again in Paris in 1965. He visited her in Jerusalem in 1969. The schoolday friends were closely connected by both their interest in music and poetry. Until Celan's death, an active exchange of letters started which Ilana Shmueli published in 2004.

She translates from Hebrew and German and began to write poetry quite late in her life. Her poems and autobiographical prose texts are published in various magazines and anthologies. She published several books in Rimbaud Verlag.

In 2009 she received the Theodor Kramer Prize of the Theodor Kramer Society, which is awarded to authors writing in a context of resistance or exile.

  • Paul Celan / Ilana Shmueli - Briefwechsel

    Herausgegeben von Ilana Shmueli und Thomas Sparr

    Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp Verlag, 2004

  • Ein Kind aus guter Familie.

    Czernowitz 1924–1944

    Aachen: Rimbaud, 2006

  • Zwischen dem Jetzt und dem Jetzt


    Aachen: Rimbaud, 2007

  • Zeitläufe

    ein Brief

    Aachen: Rimbaud, 2009

  • Sag, daß Jerusalem ist

    Über Paul Celan. Oktober 1969 – April 1970

    Aachen: Rimbaud, 2010

  • 2009 Theodor-Kramer-Preis für Schreiben im Widerstand und im Exil

  • Jüdische Allgemeine: Paul Celan: Tochter Zions.

    Ilana Shmueli erzählt über ihre Begegnung mit dem Schriftsteller Paul Celan

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  • Rimbaud Verlag: Titel von Ilana Shmueli

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  • Theodor Kramer Gesellschaft

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