Habib Tengour 




Habib Tengour 

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* 29.03.1947, Mostaganem, 阿尔及利亚
居住于:Paris, 法国

Habib Tengour (*1947 in Mostaganem, Algeria) is a poet, novelist and essayist living in Paris. He is the prototype of a Maghrebian migrant.. Tengour says of himself, 'Exile is my profession.' He describes the singularity of the Maghreb like this: 'There may be a clearly-defined place called Maghreb, but the Maghrebian is always somewhere else. And only there is where he realises himself.' This attitude is reflected in his work. His poems circle unceasingly around the subject of living in exile and the cultural identity of Algeria. The heroes of his texts, like he himself, straddle the boundaries of East and West, between tradion and the modern. As an academic, too, Tengour addresses the problems of migration and migrants, focussing on Algerian mine workers. He has published numerous books, and his most recent publication to appear in German is the verse collection “Seelenperlmutt”.

 Foto © gezett.de
Tengour’s works available in English translation include the poetry collection “Empedokles’s Sandal” (1999), and the narrative poem “The Old Man of the Mountain,” contained in Pierre Joris’ book 4X1 (2003).

Tengour holds a chair in Sociology at the Université d'Evry.

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