Fatma Savcî 




Ruyê Qisas 库尔德文

Şengesiwar 库尔德文

翻译: de

to poem

Çemê Xewnê 库尔德文

Kendalê Birînê 库尔德文

翻译: de

to poem

Mar û mirêk 库尔德文

Hewara Birînê 库尔德文

Xewna Xwînşîrîn 库尔德文

Fatma Savcî 

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* 01.01.1974, Mêrdîn-Nisêbîn, 土耳其
居住于:Mora, 瑞典

Fatma Savcî (born in 1974 in Mêrdîn-Nisêbîn, Turkey) joined the resistance movement for the freedom of Kurdistan when she was sixteen. Because of her political work she was arrested many times. One of the reasons she was finally convicted is because she spoke Kurdish in the courtroom.

While in prison Savcî wrote poems which were smuggled out and published in various newspapers and magazines. After her release in 2003 she published poems, texts and history books and worked as a journalist for cultural and literary journals and for TV channels in Turkey. She taught Kurdish for children and adults for the Kurdish Institute in Istanbul. She continued to be committed to Kurdish art and culture and spoke openly about the consequences of colonialism.
Following renewed persecution she went into exile in Sweden, where she now lives and teaches Kurdish and Swedish.

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  • Gulên Qasid

    Weşanên Avesta, 2006

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  • Bîra Birînê

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  • Pexşan: Şewq û payiz

    Weşanên Avesta, 2011

  • Çîrok: Ristika Morîkan

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