Evgeny Kissin  (Евге́ний Ки́син)




„אורבי עט אָרבי” 依地文

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to poem

ייִדישע ווערטער 依地文

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to poem

די סימפֿעראָפּאָלסקי צווישנגאַס, 8 依地文

טעוועלעך ברוינע, און זײַטן — אַ ביסל פֿאַרגעלטע... 依地文

אַני–מאמין 依地文

געזאַנג צו אַנאַפּעסט 依地文

אויפֿן טויט פֿון באָריס ניעמצאָוו 依地文

בײַם לייענען „קהלת‟ 依地文

תּפֿילה 依地文

ס׳פֿלאַטערט אַ חלום 依地文

Evgeny Kissin  Евге́ний Ки́син

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* 10.10.1971, Moscow, 俄罗斯
居住于:Prague, 捷克共和国

The Russian pianist and composer Evgeny Kissin was born on 10 October 1971 in Moscow, Soviet Union. In 1991 the family left Russia and lived both in London and New York. Since 2002, Kissin has had British citizenship as well as Russian citizenship and, since 2013, Israeli citizenship. He began playing the piano at an early age. He gave his first solo concert at the age of 11 with piano concertos by Chopin and from then on was considered a child prodigy. Today he is one of the most outstanding pianists in the world.

 Foto © gezett.de
Kissin came into contact with the Yiddish language as a child through his grandparents. As an adult he deepened his language skills, also by reading Yiddish poetry. Meanwhile he writes his own poems in Yiddish, which he calls his "Grandmother tongue".

Evgeny Kissin has received numerous awards for his musical work, including the Herbert von Karajan Music Prize and the Grammy. He lives with his wife Karina Arzumanova in Prague.