Eugenio Montejo 




Tal vez 西班牙文

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El buey 西班牙文

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El canto del gallo 西班牙文

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Tiempo transfigurado 西班牙文

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Atención a la vida 西班牙文

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Pájaros sin pájaros 西班牙文

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Pavana de Lisboa 西班牙文

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Eugenio Montejo 

* 19.10.1938, Caracas, 委内瑞拉
05.06.2008, Valencia, 委内瑞拉

Eugenio Montejo, born in Caracas in 1938, has published numerous collections of essays and poetry in his own country.

Montejo's poetry works powerfully on the emotions by way of its life-affirming qualities. He engages with both personal loss and the negative forces in Venezuela's history yet, ultimately his argument is pantheistic: individual death is insignificant in the face of our ongoing existence in a realm where past, present and future co-exist.

In 1998 Montejo recieved Venezuela's National Prize for Literature.

International interest in Montejo's poetry grew after his poem 'La Tierra Giró para Acercarnos' was used in the film 21 grams by the Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu. A few lines from the poem are quoted by Sean Penn's character in the movie.

Eugenio Montejo died June 5th, 2008 at the age of 69 of stomach cancer.

  • new publication

  • Algunas palabras

    Caracas: Monte Avila, 1976

  • Terredad

    Caracas: Monte Avila Edit., 1978

  • El cuaderno de Blas Coll

    Caracas : Alfadil, D.L., 1983

  • Alfabeto del mundo : antología poética

    prólogo de Américo Ferrari

    Barcelona: Laia, 1987

  • As Pedras de Lisboa

    [Portugal] : Aymaría, 1989

  • Adiós al siglo XX

    Caracas: Aymaría, 1992

  • Antología

    prólogo Francisco José Cruz Pérez, Cruz Pérez

    Caracas: Monte Avila Editores Latinoamericana, 1996

  • Partitura de la cigarra

    Madrid: Pre-Textos, 1999

  • Tiempo transgurado

    (Anthología Poética)

    Venezuela: Universidad de Carabobo, 2002

  • Papiros amorosos

    Valencia: Pre-textos, 2002

  • Chamario

    [for children]


  • Fábula del escriba


  • 1998 Nationalpreis für Literatur (Venezuela)

  • 2004 International Octavio Paz Prize for Poetry and Essay