Ela Gochiashvili  (ელა გოჩიაშვილი)




თუ მართლა გიყვარდა, დამარხე! 格鲁吉亚文

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to poem

ამბავი ფრჩხილებისა 格鲁吉亚文

翻译: de

to poem

შორიდან 格鲁吉亚文

翻译: de

to poem

Ela Gochiashvili  ელა გოჩიაშვილი

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* 29.01.1959, Vachnadzeani (Gurjaani), 格鲁吉亚
居住于:Tbilisi, 格鲁吉亚

Ela Gochiashvili was born in 1959. She graduated from Tbilisi State University’s faculty of journalism. She works at the Galaktion Tabidze house-museum. She has published six books of poetry. Her poems have been translated into Russian, Lithuanian, French, Italian, Azeri, Dutch, German, Persian and Armenian, and have been included in anthologies of translated verse and other types of literary publication. Ela Gochiashvili has participated in various literary events, including Poetry Festivals in Lithuania 2010, in France 2011 and at the Leipzig Book Fair 2016. 

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  • მწუხრი მშვიდობისა

    [Have a Good Nightfall]

    Merani Publishing, 1989

  • ფრაგმენტები ანამნეზიდან

    [Fragments from Amnesia]

    Merani Publishing, 1996

  • პარასკევი ჩემი დღეა

    [Friday is my Day]

    Merani Publishing, 2003

  • შაბიამანი

    [Blue Vitriol]

    Diogene Publishing, 2005

  • მათქმევინე, დე!

    [Let me Speak, Will You]

    Lega Publishing, 2010

  • Life-Proof

    Saunje Publishing, 2013

  • 2006 Ilia Chavchavadze Literary Award