Dirceu Villa 




pague a sopa. faça um forte. taque fogo. 葡萄牙文

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to poem

hymnoi 葡萄牙文

topografia externa 葡萄牙文

porta afora : pé na estrada 葡萄牙文

angst brazileira II 葡萄牙文

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to poem

Bairro dormitório 葡萄牙文

Boa noite 葡萄牙文

Dirceu Villa 

* 12.09.1975, São Paulo, 巴西
居住于:São Paulo, 巴西

Dirceu Villa (born in 1975 in São Paulo) is a translator of Ezra Pound and a reader of Ovid, Guido Cavalcanti and Baudelaire. He is currently working on a comparative study of Italian and English Renaissance poetry for his doctorate. Villa’s radical plurality is also reflected in his poetry, comprising narrative monologues, dramatic excerpts, sensual love lyrics and descriptive tours de force, always underscored by precision of rhythm, imagery and expression.

In 2000 he won the Nascente prize for new writers awarded by the Universidade de São Paulo for work on his second volume Descort (2003). His third, Icterofagia (2008) was extensively promoted by the Secretaria de Cultura do Estado de São Paulo.