Charl-Pierre Naudé 




Die grond van die voorvaders 南非荷兰文

翻译: en de

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Charl-Pierre Naudé 

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* 27.08.1958, Kokstad, 南非
居住于:Johannesburg, 南非

Charl-Pierre Naudé is a poet, prose writer and essayist, and lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has published three volumes of poetry in Afrikaans, one in English, and a second English volume is underway. His first novel will appear shortly.

Naudé has worked as a journalist, editor, freelance literary critic and book reviewer. He has published in notable magazines in the Netherlands and in South Africa. In Germany some of his latest work has appeared in Schreibheft 84. He has often read at international festivals. In 2014 he lived in Berlin on the Artists-in-Berlin Program of the DAAD.

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He has received several prizes for poetry in his home country. His latest volume, Al die lieflike dade (which could be translated as "All the comely actions") has recently been a finalist for two well-known poetry prizes.

He likes to rely on a mixture of imagery and ideas, and mixing up the personal and the social dimensions. Though he comes from a very politically minded society, his poetry refers to this sphere mostly obliquely and in indirect ways. The indirect commentary, which strays from the known route and arrives unexpectedly, covered in barnacles, is what he favours.

He has on occasion said he likes writing about a country that he has dreamed up. This place has strong similarities to a real, geographical place, but it exists entirely separately. And only poetry knows its name.

  • Nomadiese Oomblik

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  • In die geheim van die dag

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  • Against the Light


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  • Al die lieflike dade


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  • 1997 INGRID JONKER Prize

  • 2005 MNET Prize for Afrikaans poetry

  • 2005 PROTEA Prize