Antoine Cassar 




Merħba 英文

Gonbidapena 马耳他文

Ċomb 马耳他文

翻译: enes

to poem

Bejn 马耳他文

翻译: en

to poem

Antoine Cassar 

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* 22.06.1978, London, 英国
居住于:Luxembourg, 卢森堡

Antoine Cassar was born on June 22, 1978 in London to Maltese parents. Cassar grew up and studied in England, Malta, Spain, Italy and France.

Beyond his monolingual Maltese poetry, Cassar is the author of Mużajk, a work in progress braiding together the sounds and cadences of different tongues into a fluid rhythm and a coherent stream of thought. Written mainly in a blend of English, French, Italian, Maltese and Spanish (in no particular order), and later sowing in other languages according to the subject, the mużajki or mosaics journey through a variety of themes, among them the pleasure and futility of living, love unrequited or fulfilled, the beauty of the Mediterranean, the absurdity of colonialism and its after-effects, and the at once exhilarating and disorienting feeling of variety itself.

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The first series of Cassar's “mosaics” appeared, together with a number of poems in Maltese, in the anthology Ħbula stirati (Tightropes) in 2007. A handful of mosaics have also appeared in publications in Italy, Spain, Denmark, Kuwait, Australia, and the U.S. Cassar has taken part in a number of European poetry festivals, including the Københavns Poesifestival, the Festival de Poesía de la Mediterrània of Palma de Mallorca, and the Poesiefestival Berlin.

Antoine Cassar lives in Luxembourg, where he works as a translator.

  • Ħbula stirati


    with Mario Vella, Alex Vella Gera, Kevin Saliba & Ċali Grima

    Self-published, 2007

  • Mużajk

    an exploration in multilingual verse

    Edizzjoni Skarta, 2008

  • 2008 Segnalazione, Premio Nosside