Aase Berg 




Aase Berg 

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* 16.06.1967, Stockholm, 瑞典
居住于:Stockholm, 瑞典

Aase Berg, born 1967, was one of the founding members of the Stockholm Surrealist Group in 1986 and published a volume through her publishing house Surrealistförlaget as early as 1988. In the late 1990s she was considered one of Sweden's most famous young poets and since 1997 has published several volumes of poetry in the renowned Bonnier publishing house.

She made her debut as a prose writer with a short story in the collection Perversioner: 12 Noveller om avvikelser, published by Vertigo, the publishing house of another member of the Surrealist Stockholm group. Aase Berg has also published two collections of essays and a poetry novel for young adults.

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Berg's work is known for its dense, sometimes disturbing imagery and linguistically playful deformations. Especially her volume 'Mörk materia', Dark Matter, is considered a Swedish classic. This collection reads like a disturbing, expressionistic sci-fi horror film in a cosmic-apocalyptic atmosphere, whose dark and hallucinatory images are thematically fed from elements of science fiction, fable and science and are inseparably interwoven here, from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre to String theory.

Aase Berg was editor of the literary journal 'Bonniers Litterära Magasin' from 2002-2004, wrote for the magazine 90tal, which was later renamed 00tal.
For her literary reviews, i.a. also for the newspaper Expressen, she was awarded the Dagens Nyheter’s Lagercrantzen.

The poet Johannes Göransson has now translated five volumes of her poetry into English and a volume of essays, the latter together with Joyelle McSweeney.

  • Hos rådjur


    Stockholm: Bonnier Alba, 1997

  • Mörk materia

    Stockholm: Bonnier, 1999

  • Forsla fett


    Stockholm: Bonnier, 2002

  • Contributed to Perversioner

    12 noveller om avvikelser

    ed. by Viktoria Jäderling

    Stockholm: Vertigo, 2003

  • Uppland


    Stockholm: Bonnier, 2005

  • Remainland

    Selected Poems of Aase Berg

    Translated by Johannes Göransson

    Tuscaloosa: Action Books, 2005

  • Loss


  • With Deer

    Translated by Johannes Göransson

    Boston: Black Ocean, 2009

  • Uggla


  • Människoätande människor i Märsta


  • Transfer Fat

    Translated by Johannes Göransson


  • Liknöjd fauna


  • Dark Matter

    Translated by Johannes Göransson

    Boston: Black Ocean, 2013

  • Hackers

    Translated by Johannes Göransson


  • Haggan

    Boston: Black Ocean, 2019

  • A Tsunami from Solaris

    essay collection

    Translated by Johannes Göransson & Joyelle McSweeney


  • 2008 Norbert C. Kaser-Preis (Südtirol)

  • 2011 Dagens Nyheter’s Lagercrantzen for her criticism

  • 2011 Aftonbladets Litteraturpris