Tal Nitzán  (טל ניצן)




בַּסִּירָה הַצָּרָה אֲנַחְנוּ שְׁנַיִם. hebrejščina

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Tal Nitzán  טל ניצן

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* , Jaffa, Izrael
živi v: Tel Aviv, Izrael

Tal Nitzán is a poet, an editor and a translator of Hispanic literature.

Born in Jaffa, she has lived in Buenos Aires, Bogota & New York, currently lives in Tel Aviv.

Nitzán has translated circa 70 books into Hebrew, mainly from Spanish, including two anthologies of Latin American poetry, and adapted a Hebrew version of Don Quixote for youth (2006). Her translations include poetry works by Cervantes, Machado, García Lorca, Neruda, Paz, Borges, Vallejo, Pizarnik & Pavese, and prose by García Márquez, Vargas Llosa, Cortázar, Onetti, Delibes, Toni Morrison, Ian McEwan, Angela Carter and many others.

 Foto © private
Nitzán is editor of the collection ‘Latino’, for translations from the Hispanic literature, the collection ‘Local’, for contemporary Hebrew prose, and the literary review ‘Lights’, for new writing after the masters.

  • Domestica

    Am oved, 2002

  • בעט ברזל: שירת מחאה עברית 2004-1984


    Xargol, 2005

  • An Ordinary Evening

    Am oved, 2006

  • Café Soleil Bleu

    (with paintings by Mira Cedar)

    Even Hoshen, 2007

  • The first to forget

    Am oved, 2009

  • With an Iron pen: Hebrew Protest Poetry 1984-2004

    Editor (with Rachel Black)

    SUNY Press, USA, 2009

  • Five Windows to The Garden

    (A selection in Lithuanian)

    Vilnius: International Cultural Programme Center, 2009

  • Lividi

    (A selection in Italian)

    Napoli: Il Laboratorio, 2010

  • 1995 The Culture Minister Creation Prize for translators

  • 1998 The Women Writers’ Prize

  • 2001 The Culture Minister's Prize for Beginning Poets

  • 2002 The Culture Minister's Prize for debut book, for Domestica

  • 2004 an honorary medal from Chile’s president, for the translation of Pablo Neruda’s poetry.

  • 2005 The Culture Minister Creation Prize for translators

  • 2007 Artists & Writers Rights Society (Aku"m) Prize for poetry submitted anonimously

  • 2008 Publishers Association Prize (Bernstein Prize) for poetry book, for An Ordinary