Refik Durbaş 




Refik Durbaş 

* 10.02.1944, Erzurum, Pasinler, Turčija
živi v: , Turčija

Refik Durbaş was born in 1944, in the Turkish town of Erzurum, Pasinler, and went to school in İzmir. He began a degree in Turkish Language and Literature at Istanbul University, but left his studies to begin working as a labourer and street vendor. He later started work as a journalist at the Turkish newspaper, Cumhuriyet, in 1967, and worked there until 1992. In 1989 he was named Journalist of the Year by the Association of Journalists for his series of articles entitled “Stateless Persons of Kapıkule” (Kapıkule’nin Vatansızları). He currently edits the literature section of the Turkish magazine 'Sabah'.

His poems first appeared in various newspapers in 1962, and were then, as they remain today, characterised by their images of Turkish daily life: markets, tea houses, and the women who work there. His poetry collection Cirak araniyor was awarded the Yeditepe Poetry Prize in 1979, and in 1983 and 1993 he won the Behcet Necatigil Prize and the Halil Kocagöz poetry prize respectively.

His poems have also been published in journals such as Papirüs, Şiir Sanatý and Soyut, translated into many languages and also set to music. He is a poet of the 1960’s generation, who, working within a socialist perspective, and using daily, conversational language, writes about the worlds of common people.

  • Kimse Hatırlamıyor (Toplu Şiirler I)

    Adam Yayınları, 1994

  • Düşler Şairi

    Adam Yayınları, 1997

  • Nereye Uçar Gökyüzü (Toplu Şiirler II)

    Adam Yayınları, 1998

  • İstanbul Hatırası

    Adam Yayınları, 1998

  • Selam Olsun Çocukluğuma

    Gendaş Kültür, 1999

  • Kar Altında Allı Turna

    Gendaş Kültür, 1999

  • Hatıram Olsun

    Adam Yayınları, 2000

  • Adresi Kalbimde

    Boyut Yayınları, 2000

  • Şimdi:Haberler

    Adam Yayınları, 2001

  • Anılarımın Kardeşi İzmir

    Literatür Yayınları, 2001

  • Rüya Tabirleri

    Adam Yayınları, 2004

  • Rakı ile Edebiyat Muhabbeti

    Heyamola Yayınları, 2007

  • Köroğlu

    Merkez Kitapçılık ve Yayıncılık, 2007

  • 1979 Yeditepe Poetry Prize

  • 1983 Behcet-Necatigil Poetry Prize

  • 1993 Halil Kocagöz Poetry Prize