Max Sessner 




Max Sessner 

Foto © Michael Baumgartner
* 01.04.1959, Fürth, Nemčija
živi v: Augsburg, Nemčija

Poet Max Sessner (born in 1959 in Fürth) is a bookseller who lived for many years in Nuremberg, Würzburg and Munich. Since 2008 he has worked in the Augsburg City Library.
His texts frequently have the appearance on the page of compact, stele-like blocks. In them he deals with simple everyday things. He is an observer of reality who tracks down everything that lies behind things, movements and sentences. His poems have been published in several books as well as in various magazines and in the Jahrbuch der Lyrik anthology. 

 Foto © Michael Baumgartner
  • Der tschechische Reiter

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  • Küchen und Züge

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  • Warum gerade heute

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  • Langsame Männer

    Wenzendorf: Stadtlichter Presse, 2015

  • Jemand hat Elefanten gesehen

    Wenzendorf: Stadtlichter Presse, 2015

  • Das Wasser von gestern

    Dresden: Edition Azur, 2019

  • 2001 Irseer Pegasus

  • 2019 Hans Roth Literaturpreises „rotahorn“