Marius Marcinkevičius 




Marius Marcinkevičius 

Foto © Marius Marcinkevičius
* 26.08.1966, Vilnius, Litva
živi v: Vilnius, Litva

Marius Marcinkevičius (b. 1966) is the author of seven books for children. In 2017, his book Friendship on an Elephant’s Trunk won IBBY Lithuania’s Book of the Year Award for the Youngest Readers.

Due to his lively character, he spent some time as a pupil at as many as seven schools in Vilnius. He worked as a loader, logger, psychiatric hospital janitor and did many other wonderful jobs.

In 1985, he was drafted into the Soviet army. He served as a paratrooper and has about 170 parachute jumps under his belt. Each time he hit the ground, a poem or a fairy tale appeared in Marius' head. After the military service, he entered Vilnius University to study medicine. He got his medical degree six years later. Currently, he practices acupuncture, which he studied in China.

 Foto © Marius Marcinkevičius
He writes books for children and adults. They have been translated into English, French, Italian, Turkish, Greek, Latvian, Russian, Kazakh and other languages.

Based on the author’s texts, four performances were staged, two CDs with songs were released and an animated film is being created as we speak.

 Marius Marcinkevičius’ poems for children are simple but special, using fluid, playful, humorous verse that is both modern and reflective of the classical Lithuanian children’s literary tradition. Some of his poems employ a nonsensical aesthetic, poking fun and searching for laughter in any given situation, while in others the poet seems to gaze at the world through the eyes of a child – one who watches and marvels at the world around him, wondering, for example, how a cow can eat green grass but not give green milk. 

  • Tolimoji karalystė

    Vilnius: Vyrų fondas, 2016

  • Voro koja

    Vilnius: Švieskime vaikus, 2016

  • Draugystė ant straublio galo

    Friendship on an Elephant’s Trunk

    Vilnius: Tikra knyga, 2017

  • Maži eilėraščiai mažiems


    Vilnius: Tikra knyga, 2018

  • Sivužas

    Vilnius: Tikra knyga, 2018

  • Princesė

    Vilnius: Tikra knyga, 2018

  • Atvirkštukai

    Vilnius: Tikra knyga, 2018

  • Juodoji Vilniaus saulė


    Vilnius: Alma littera, 2019

  • Kaip pelėdžiukas namo pabėgo

    Vilnius: Alma littera, 2020

  • 2017 IBBY Lithuania’s Book of the Year Award for the Youngest Readers for book 'Friendship on an Elephant's Trunk'

  • 2018 Aloyzas Petrikis Award for book 'Sivužas'