Kalju Kruusa 




Kalju Kruusa 

Foto © Kris Moor
* 10.10.1973, Tallinn, Estonija
živi v: Tallinn, Estonija

Kalju Kruusa, born in 1973 in Tallinn, is an Estonian poet who claims to "never wear plainclothes" as a writer. Even the name Kalju Kruusa is but a pen-name (a small poem in itself, as noted by critics, with Kalju meaning 'Rocky, Cliff, Craig,' and Kruusa meaning 'Pebbles, Shingle, Scree').
Kalju Kruusa entered the Estonian literary field in the 1990s among the line-up of the young writers' group Erakkond ('Hermit-kind'.
The year 1999 saw the release of Kalju Kruusa's debut collection Meeleolu (Frame of Mind). After this release, new collections – where his original works mingle with translations – have followed on a regular basis. As a translator, editor and publisher, Kalju Kruusa is also a co-founder (with Hasso Krull) of the first Estonian eZine (online magazine) of translated poetry called Ninniku, where he held the position of co-editor from 2001 to 2010. Kalju Kruusa has translated poetry, prose and plays from Chinese, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese and Korean into Estonian.
In 2012, his collection Tühhja (Nothing, 2010) won the Estonian Cultural Endowment’s Literary Award for poetry. Books of Kalju Kruusa's poetry have been translated into both Swedish and Italian.

 Foto © Kris Moor
  • Meeleolu


    Tartu: Erakkond, 1999

  • Treffamisi


    Tallinn: Tuum, 2004

  • Mötesvis


    Översättning: Peeter Puide

    Stockholm: Ellerström, 2007

  • Pilvedgi mindgi liigutavadgi


    Tallinn: Koma, 2008

  • Tühhja

    poetry and translations

    Tallinn: Ussimunni, 2010

  • La quinta ruota di scorta

    (Viies tagavararatas)

    Traduzione di Maarja Kangro e Piera Mattei

    Roma: Superstripes Press, 2012

  • ing veri tee

    poetry and translations

    Tallinn: Säutsipau, 2013

  • Äädikkärbsed

    poetry and translations

    Tallinn: Kirimiri, 2015

  • Ühe inimese elu (pooleli)

    selected poetry

    Tallinn: Kirimiri, 2017

  • Kümme kükki

    poetry and translations

    Tallinn: Kirimiri, 2018

  • Üleelamiste vanake


    Tallinn: Loomingu Raamatukogu, 2023

  • 1999 Betti Alver Literaturpreis/Betti Alver Literary Award

  • 2006 The annual poetry award of the literary magazine Looming/Lyrikpreis von Looming

  • 2009 Gustav Suits-Stipendium/Gustav Suits Literary Award

  • 2012 Jahrespreis des estnischen Kulturkapitals, Sparte Lyrik/Estonian Cultural Endowment's Award for Poetry

  • 2021 The annual poetry award of the literary magazine Looming/Lyrikpreis von Looming