Julia Cimafiejeva  (Юля Цімафеева)




Julia Cimafiejeva  Юля Цімафеева

Foto © Alhierd Bacharevic
* 12.01.1982, Brahin region, Belorusija
živi v: Minsk, Belorusija

Belarusian poet and translator Yulya Tsimafeyeva was born in 1982 near Brahin. She is the author of two poetry collections “The Book of Mistakes” (Кніга памылак, 2014) and “Circus” (“Цырк”, 2016). In 2015 she was short-listed for the Debut literary prize for the “The Book of Mistakes”, and two years later her collection “Circus” was on the short list of Natalia Arsiennieva poetry prize.

Tsimafeyeva studied English language and literature at Minsk State Linguistic University and got her Master’s degree in literature studies at Belarusian State University. She  is one of the founders and editors of the literary internet magazine PrajdziSvet (prajdzisvet.org). She translates poetry, mostly from English but also from German and other languages. Her translations were published in different Belarusian magazines. For her translation of the book “air and light and time and space” by Charles Bukowski she received the Debut literary prize together with two other translators.

 Foto © Alhierd Bacharevic
Her own poems are translated into English, Ukrainian, Swedish, German, Slovenian, Czech and other languages. In 2018 her Polish book “Cyrk i inne wiersze”, translated by Bohdan Zadura was published in Lublin. She participated in literary festivals in Lithuania, Ukraine, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland and Belarus.