Jouni Inkala 




Jouni Inkala 

Foto © Laura Malmivaara
* 15.04.1966, Kemi, Finska
živi v: Helsinki, Finska

Jouni Mikael Inkala was born on April 15th 1966 in Kemi. He studied literature, philosophy and cultural history in Universities of Oulu and Helsinki and became a Licentiate in Philosophy in 1991. He worked as a lecturer in University of Helsinki during the following years 1991–1995. After that he has been a freelance poet.

Inkala has published eleven poetry collections. His first book “Tässä sen reuna” (Here Is It´s Edge) appeared in 1992 and received the J. H. Erkko Prize for the best literary debut of the year. In 2005 his book “Kirjoittamaton” (Unwritten) received the Einari Vuorela Poetry Award. His selected poems 1992–2007 appeared in 2007.

 Foto © Laura Malmivaara
Abroad his poems have appeared in various anthologies, literary journals and reviews. In German two selections of his poems have been published: “Aus dem Hause und dem Geschlechte” (Janus Press, 1995) and “Der Gedankenstrich eines Augenblicks” (Wunderhorn, 2014.) Both books were translated by Stefan Moster. A selection has also been published in Hungary by the name “Arcunk mögött egy másik arc” (Magyar Napló, 2013, There Is a Face Behind Our Face), translated by Béla Javorsky. Inkala has also written radio-plays, essays and columns but regards himself first and foremost as a poet. He lives in Helsinki.

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  • Huonetta ja sukua

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  • Aus dem Hause und dem Geschlechte

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  • Pyhien seura

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  • Sille joka jää

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  • Autiomaaretki

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  • Kirjoittamaton

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  • Sarveisaikoja

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  • Minkä tietäminen on ihmiselle välttämätöntä

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  • Kemosynteesi

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  • Kesto avoin

    Helsinki: Siltala, 2013

  • Arcunk mögött egy másik arc

    Translated by Béla Javorsky

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  • Der Gedankenstrich eines Augenblicks

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  • Vakiot ja muuttujat

    Helsinki: Siltala 2015,

  • Nähty. Elämä.

    Helsinki: Siltala 2015:

  • 1992 J. H. Erkko Prize for the best literary debut of the year

  • 2005 Einari Vuorela Poetry Award