Johannes Göransson 




[I can't hear you] angleščina

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[I can't hear you la la la] angleščina

[How strange to wake up in this] angleščina

[How disgusting to be beautiful] angleščina

[This poem is dedicated] angleščina

[The larval aura makes en larvig summer] angleščina

[I am not yet in the clear] angleščina

[The rabble pöbeln is in love] angleščina

[Can you give me some money] angleščina

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[I should wash my hands] angleščina

[Ett rått experiment: the body] angleščina

[I stole angelicas from Giovanni’s room] angleščina

[The venom is taking effect] angleščina

Johannes Göransson 

Foto © Mirko Lux
* 04.07.1973, Lund, Švedska
živi v: South Bend, IN, Združene države Amerike

Johannes Göransson (b. 1973 in Lund, Sweden) emigrated with his family from Skåne, Sweden to the United States at age 13. He earned a BA from the University of Minnesota, an MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and his PhD from the University of Georgia.

He is the author of several books of poetry, and has translated a number of Swedish poets, including six collections of Aase Berg, and furthermore poetry titles by Johan Jönson, Kim Yideum, Henry Parland and Ann Jäderlund.

 Foto © Mirko Lux
Göransson has become best known as a provocative translation theorist with his essay collection Transgressive Circulation: Essays On Translation (2018),  in which he sees poetry translation as a violation of the unilingually-thought poem. For him, translation is a wound in the body of the poem through the aperture of which media such as languages, history and memory can infect this space of quarantine. The “transgressive circulation” of the translation can in this way destabilise holistic ideas of language and literature.

Göransson prose-verse hybrids at the interface of fiction and poetry blend impulses from the L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poets with surrealist, gore and Beat elements. In the form of a diary or stroller’s notebook they bring with gurlesque power trauma, guilt, anxiety, loneliness and addiction into a raging pride of the fucked up. They are razorblade symphonies, porn films, science fiction and glamour-grotesque all at the same time.

Göransson currently lives in South Bend, Indiana, teaches at the University of Notre Dame and together with Joyelle McSweeney runs Action Books Press, which focuses on transnational, interlingual and feminist poetry.

  • A New Quarantine Will Take My Place

    Apostrophe Books, 2007

  • Dear Ra

    A Story in Flinches

    [Reissued by Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2016]

    Starcherone Books, 2008

  • Pilot

    Johann the Carousel Horse


    Fairy Tale Review Press, 2008

  • entrance to a colonial pageant in which we all begin to intricate

    Fiction / Poetry / Drama

    Grafton, VT: Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2011

  • Haute Surveillance

    Fiction | Poetry | Other

    Grafton, VT: Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2013

  • The Sugar Book

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  • Transgressive Circulation

    Essays About Translation

    Noemi Press, 2018

  • Poetry Against All

    a diary


    Grafton, VT: Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2020

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