Diana Vallejo 




Diana Vallejo 

* 1969, Honduras

Diana Vallejo started her formal career in Business Administration, but since she was a kid she liked to write, design and create cultural projects. Also photography is one of her passions. She fights for the human rights with EDEFENDERH, a special platform that formed in Honduras since the military and civilian coup occurred. She experiments with performance and installation projects which she presented in Honduras and in México during her residence within the scholarship for Iberoamerican Artists in 2011.

Vellejo is an ex member of “Casa Tomada” group of poetry that existed during the years of 1993 till 1998 in Honduras. She was also invited and published in various Central American countries, Argentina and Mexico. Some of those places are the “Palacio de Correos” in Guatemala, “Santa Tecla” in El Salvador, the Palace of Bellas Artes of México, the “Centro Nacional de las Artes, or CNA” in México, in Oaxaca, and also in the “Museo del Mural Diego Rivera”. In Mexico she was invited to participate in some television spots for poets that live in Cuernavaca, Morelos.

Vallejo is a founding member of the National Association of Women Writers in Honduras (ANDEH) and the National Union of writers in Honduras. She is adherent in different human rights organizations and Greenpeace. She organized the "1st Avenue in Hurricane Comayagüela Art" / 2000, a big event which took place in the center of Comayagüela in honor of those who disappeared during Hurricane Mitch, as well as other art events that took place in open places.

Vallejo is published by Editorial Pez Dulce in Honduras and in various national and international anthologies, digital magazines and newspapers. She wrote three biographies of three Hondurans candidates for the contest “1000 women for the Nobel Peace Prize, 2005 / Mil mujeres de Paz, premio Nobel de la Paz 2005”. In 2010 she also worked as a volunteer of literature for the organization One World in the rainforest by Río Cangrejal in Honduras.

She is now an ICORN-guest writer in Europe.

  • Días Urbanos

  • Dromedaren på den blå balkongen / El dromedario en el balcón azul

    Översättare: Kristian Carlsson

    Smockadoll, 2015

  • 2005 3ro lugar por la Academia de Lengua de Minas Gerais, Brasil

  • 2007 1er lugar en poesía Iberoamericana por la Academia de lengua de Minas Gerais, Brasil