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Mm... španščina

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Algo falso, erróneo hay acá adentro španščina

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Daniel Samoilovich 

* 05.07.1949, Buenos Aires, Argentina
živi v: , Argentina

Daniel Samoilovich was born in Buenos Aires in 1949. He is a poet, translator and editor.

Samoilovich has already published a number of poetry collections and he has been translated into numerous languages, f. e. English, German, Italian and French. The poet himself translates into Spanish from French, English and Latin. In 1998 the Hiperión publishing house released Twenty Odes from Book III, a translation of the poet Horace , while the Norma Group published Samoilovich’s translations of Shakespeare’s Henry IV Part I and Henry IV Part II.

Combining his literary and bird watcher interests, Samoilovich published El libro de los seres alados (The book of winged beings), an intensely illustrated anthology of poems and short texts about natural and imaginary winged beings (like birds, insects, angels, demons and mythological gods of many cultures) in 2008.

Samoilovich has been a judge in several international prizes including those of the Fondo Nacional de las Artes (Argentina), Casa de las Américas (Cuba) and Caupolicán Ovalles (Mérida, Venezuela). He also gave conferences and seminars about poetry and poetics in many institutions, f. e. in the Caracas Museum of Contemporary Art, the Residencia de Estudiantes of Madrid and the Universities of Rosario (Argentina), São Paulo (Brazil), Valencia y Mérida (Venezuela) and Princeton (United States).

Since 1986 Samoilovich publishes the Buenos Aires quarterly magazine Diario de Poesía.

  • Párpado


  • El mago


  • La Ansiedad Perfecta

    Buenos Aires: De la Flor, 1991

  • Agosto


  • Superficies Iluminadas

    Madrid: Hiperión, 1996

  • Rusia es el tema


  • El Carrito de Eneas

    Buenos Aires: Bajo la Luna, 2003

  • Las Encantadas

    Barcelona: Tusquets, 2004

  • El despertar de Samoilo

    Buenos Aires: 2005

  • Molestando a los demonios

    Valencia: Pretextos, 2009

  • 1997 Julio Cortázar Award of the Argentine Book Chamber

  • 1999 Leonardo Award of the Argentine Arts Museum

  • 2002 World Theatre Award of the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center of the University of Buenos Aires