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Lopšinė mylimajam litovščina

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Daiva Čepauskaitė 

Foto © Vladas Braziunas
* 24.04.1967, Marijampolė, Litva
živi v: Kaunas, Litva

Daiva Čepauskaitė (born 1967) is a poet and dramatist, member of the Lithuanian Writers’ Union.

Čepauskaitė graduated from the Kaunas Medical Academy as a physician. She also took acting classes at the Kaunas Youth Musical Studio. Since 1990 she has been employed full-time as an actress by the Kaunas Chamber Theater.

Čepauskaitė has published three collections of verse and is also known as an author of plays. Her dramatic pieces – also for children – have been staged by several Lithuanian theaters and won prizes at the Lithuanian Radio.

 Foto © Vladas Braziunas
She wrote many plays for children, e.g. “The Nightingale” and “The New clothes for King” (after the fairytales by Hans Christian Andersen), which were staged by the Kaunas Youth Chamber Theater. “When a Star is Falling” (2001) and “The Potato Tale” (2001) were staged by the Kaunas Puppet Theater, “The swineherd” (2005) was staged in Kaunas State drama theatre.

She wrote also the plays for adults “The beans” (I prize of Lithuanian Radio, 2002), “The shot on the bund” (2002) and “The compound break” (II prize of Lithuanian Radio, 2004).

She became the laureate of the yearly poetry event “Spring of Poetry” in 2005.

Presently she resides and works in Kaunas.

  • Bevardžiai



    Kaunas: Keturi vėjai, 1992

  • Suvalgiau vieną spanguolę

    [I've eaten a cranberry]


    Kaunas: Nemunas, 1998

  • Nereikia tikriausiai būtina

    (Unnecessary (Though) Likely Essential)


    Vilnius: Lithuanian Writers’ Union Publishers, 2004

  • Baisiai gražūs eilėraščiai

    Poems for Children

    Kaunas: Žalias kalnas, 2017

  • 2005 International Poetry Festival 'Poetry Spring' award for book 'Nereikia tikriausiai būtina'

  • 2018 Poetic Druskininkai Fall Yotvingian prize for book 'Baisiai gražūs eilėraščiai'

  • 2017 Golden Scene Cross