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Dainius Gintalas 

Foto © Gediminas Kajėnas
* 07.02.1973, Slabadėlė, Alytus region, Litva
živi v: Vilnius, Litva

Dainius Gintalas - poet, librettist, translator, critic of literature and art. He studied Lithuanian language and literature at the University of Vilnius and art criticism at the Vilnius Academy of Arts.
In 1997 he published Angis (Viper), a first book of poetry, in 2007 published a second book of poetry Boa , which was awarded the Young Yotvingian Prize and the Literary Hat Prize. His next book of poems Adatos (Needles), was chosen as the best book of poetry of 2016 (Book of the Year Campaign). In 2021, he published the poetical prose book Vienos vasaros giesmė (One Summer Song).
Gintalas is also the author of two innovative poetry books for children. He has written librettos for several diverse genres of musical performance.

 Foto © Gediminas Kajėnas
Alongside works of poetry and drama, Gintalas has translated from French the books of G.Debord, G.Bataille, J.Genet, M.Houellebecq, Lautréamont and others, translated the poetry of H.Michaux, Bl.Cendrars, R.Char , A. Artaud and other authors. He organizes assemblies of amateur painters, called Maskoliškių meno frontas (Front of Art of Maskoliskes), where in a natural environment of former cattle shed established Art Gallery of Cattle shed. 

  • Angis

    Viper (poems)

    Kaunas: Nemunas, 1997

  • Boa


    Kaunas: Kitos knygos, 2007

  • Adatos

    Needles (poems)

    Vilnius: Tyto alba, 2016

  • Duokit kelią Begemotui!

    Give way to Behemoth! (poems for children)

    Kaunas: Žalias kalnas, 2019

  • Ajerų kisielius, arba Varnos, varvekliai, varanai ir varlės

    Calamus kissel, or Crows, Icicles, Ravens and Frogs (poems for children)

    Kaunas: Žalias kalnas, 2021

  • Vienos vasaros giesmė

    One Summer’s Song (poems)

    Vilnius: Lithuanian Writer's Union Publishers, 2021

  • 2007 Short film Vitrina (Showcase) shot with Ukranian artist Yuriy Kruchak by verses of D. Gintalas has been voted the best film in the Baltic States at International festival of moving-images Next Festival 007

  • 2008 Poetic Druskininkai Fall Young Yotvingian Prize for Book “Boa”

  • 2009 Golden Cross of the Stage in the Debut/Young Artist category (with other authors) for the mono play-opera “Isadora”

  • 2016 International Poetry Festival Poetry Spring Award for Poetry Translations to Lithuanian (for Lautréamont “The Songs of Maldoror”)

  • 2016 Julijonas Lindė-Dobilas prize for poetry book “Adatos” [Needles]

  • 2017 Book of the Year (“Adatos”) [Needles]

  • 2019 International Poetry Festival Poetry Spring Award for Poetry for children (book “Duokit kelią Begemotui!" [Give way to Behemoth!])

  • 2021 Poetic Druskininkai Fall Yotvingian prize for book “Vienos vasaros giesmė” [One Summer’s Song]

  • 2022 Pranas Mašiotas prize for the best book of the year for children and adolescents (book “Ajerų kisielius, arba Varnos, varvekliai, varanai ir varlės" [Calamus kissel, or Crows, Icicles, Ravens and Frogs])