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[Esta tarde leo a Adorno...] španščina

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[Miércoles - Jueves, el...] španščina

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[Te esperaría toda la vida...] španščina

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[Esta pena que tuve...] španščina

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Bárbara Belloc 

Foto © Sebastián Freire
* 01.01.1968, Buenos Aires, Argentina
živi v: , Argentina

Bárbara Belloc born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1968 is a poet, publisher, translator, and multimedia fan.

She published her first poetry volumes Bla (Último Reino) in 1992. Several others followed, among them Orang-utans (La Rara Argentina, 2000, together with the poet Teresa Arijón and with translations into English by Hillary Gardner); the journalistic study Tribus porteñas (Perfil, 1998); the book object Obrero artificial (together with the visual artist Mónica Girón, 2000); she translated the corpus of poems of Sappho in Poema y fragmentos completos (Pato-en-la-cara, 2006). From Greek she translated poems of Erina, Praxila, Moiro, Sulpicia, and Alkaios, the Prthvisukta (or Hymn to the Earth) from Sanskrit, poems of Angela Melim, Antônio Carlos de Brito (Cacaso), Mário Faustino, Waly Salomão, and Cesário Verde from Portuguese, and from English Patti Smith's The Coreal Sea, published in books and magazines.

 Foto © Sebastián Freire
Between 1994 and 1998 she published the monthly for culture and entertainment “La Rara Argentina” together with T. Arijón; since 1999 she is regularly working on videos, visual and sound installations, digital publications, and works for the internet in cooperation with Argentinian and international artists.

Her latest projects include publishing work for the Pato-en-la-cara publishing house together with T. Arijón and Manuel Hermelo, and a number of multimedia plays (the first one, Benshi - CCC was produced in Cascade Head, Oregon, USA in 2006//).

  • Bla

    Último Reino, 1992

  • Sentimental journey

    La Rara Argentina, 1995

  • Ambición de las flores

    Tsé-Tsé, 1997

  • Tribus porteñas

    journalistische Studie

    Perfil, 1998

  • Ira

    Nusud, 1999

  • Orang-utans

    gemeinsam mit der Dichterin Teresa Arijón und mit Übersetzung ins Englische von Hillary Gardner

    La Rara Argentina, 2000

  • Obrero artificial

    Buch-Objekt in Zusammenarbeit mit der bildenden Künstlerin Mónica Girón


  • Espantasuegras

    Pato-en-la-cara, 2005

  • Poema y fragmentos completos

    Übersetzung des Korpus der Gedichte von Sappho

    Pato-en-la-cara, 2006

  • Benshi - CCC


    Cascade Head, Oregon, USA: 2006