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Pam Brown 

Foto © Jane Zemiro
* , Seymour, Australia, Австралия
Место жительства: Sydney, Australia, Австралия

Pam Brown (b. 1948) has published fifteen books and six chapbooks of poetry and prose including 50-50 and Text thing, both from Little Esther Books. Recent collections are Dear Deliria (Salt Publishing, 2003) and True Thoughts (Salt Modern Poets 2008). For five years she was the poetry editor for ‘Overland’; currently she is a contributing editor to the U.S-based annual of poetry and aesthetics, ‘Fulcrum' . She is currently an associate editor of Jacket2 magazine, a member of Polari Journaleditorial collective and a peer reviewer of poetry for Rubric.

 Foto © Jane Zemiro
She has travelled widely and was resident in the Australia Council for the Arts’ poet’s studio in Rome in 2003.  In a parallel life she lives in Hellbourg, La Réunion. In this life she relocated to the Blackheath in the Blue Mountains just to the west of Sydney in 2007. She keeps a blog -

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  • Peel Me A Zibibbo

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  • farout_library_software

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  • Home by Dark

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  • 2004 Kenneth Slessor Award