Marco Giovenale 




Marco Giovenale 

* 27.02.1969, Rome, Италия
Место жительства: Rome, Италия

Marco Giovenale, born in 1969, works as an author and bookseller in Rome.

The Internet plays a big role in his literary work. He publishes many of his texts as a blogger via his web blog Differx. He is also the editor of numerous journals and web projects, including,, «bina», «Argo», «Or», Flux, Wee image, Hotel Stendhal, Sud and several others websites.

He also writes literary criticism for the «Il Manifesto» newspaper. He organised the first 'RomaPoesia' festival in October 2005 and he took part in the Bury Text Festival (Manchester) in 2011.

His texts are published in anthologies like Parola plurale (Sossella, 2005), Nono quaderno di poesia contemporanea (Marcos y Marcos, 2007). For Luca Sossella he edited in 2008 the collection of selected poems and essays by Roberto Roversi, Tre poesie e alcune prose.

He won the Renato Giorgi Prize in 2003 for his book Il segno meno then published by Piero Manni. Giovenale has published numerous poetry collections that have been published in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish and Germany.

  • new publication

  • Curvature

    with Francesca Vitale

    Roma: Camera verde, 2002

  • Il segno meno

    Lecce: Manni, 2003

  • Altre ombre

    Roma: La camera verde, 2004

  • Double click

    Cantarena: 2005

  • Superficie della battaglia

    Roma: La camera verde, 2006

  • Numeri primi

    Torino: 2006

  • A rhyme mirror

    Triest: Battello stampatore, 2007

  • Criterio dei vetri

    Salerno/Milano: Edizioni Oèdipus, 2007

  • La casa esposta

    Firenze: Le Lettere, 2007

  • Spleen / Macchinazioni per fiori

    with Alfredo Anzellini

    Roma: La camera verde, 2007

  • Sibille asemantiche

    project combining image and words

    Roma: 2008

  • Soluzione della materia

    Roma: La camera verde, 2009

  • Chalk

    Roma: La camera verde, 2009

  • Un’altra cosa notavo

    con Favola blu, di Fiammetta Cirilli

    Roma: La camera verde, 2009

  • Prosa in prosa

    cooperation work with the editors of gammm

    Le Lettere, 2009

  • Storia dei minuti

    Massa: Transeuropa, 2010

  • Shelter

    Roma: Donzelli, 2010

  • Quasi tutti

    Roma: Polìmata, 2010

  • Lie lie

    Roma: La camera verde, 2010

  • 2003 Renato Giorgi Prize for Il segno meno

  • 2009 Delfini Prize for Ira, inazione, ira (forthcoming with the title In rebus)