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Cèlia Sànchez-Mústich 

Foto © www.visitsitges.com
* 09.12.1954, Barcelona, Испания
Место жительства: Sitges, Испания

Cèlia Sànchez-Mústich was born in Barcelona in December 1954 and lives in Sitges. She has published over 15 books, of poetry and fiction, although she believes poetry is a more undeniable literary experience, and a poem is “a reverse earthquake that, instead of scattering objects about, returns them to their origins; and, not satisfied with that, invents their place of origin”.

Some of her poems have been translated into several languages. On no sabem, into French. Some of the anthologies she has been in include Parlano le donnepoetesse catalane del XXI secolo (2008), Paraula encesa (2012), French literary journal Europe (issue 1007, May 2013), Xeixa: Fourteen Catalan Poets (2018) and Migsegle de poesiacatalana (2018).

 Foto © www.visitsitges.com
As a poet, she has been called “naughty and daring, she exposes a perverse, crazy and critical reality, to an unthinkable degree” (Jordi Julià and Pere Ballart, in Paraula encesa) and “It seems as if she has a magnifying glass for the grandiose microscopic universe and a telescope with thick lenses that can probe everything” (Víctor Obiols, on l’Ara.cat). She studied music and promotes creative projects, co-directing the Sitges Poetry Festival with poet Joan Duran i Ferrer since 2007, with the unique concept of paying tribute to poets.

  • La cendra i el miracle

    Barcelona: Columna, 1989

  • El lleu respir

    Barcelona: Columna, 1991

  • Diagnòstic: lluna nova

    Barcelona: ICD, 1993

  • Temperatura humana

    Barcelona: Columna, 1994

  • Pati de butaques

    Barcelona: Columna, 1996

  • Taques

    Barcelona: Edicions 62, 1997

  • Les cambres del desig

    Barcelona: Columna, 1999

  • El tacte de l'ametlla

    Barcelona: Proa, 2000

  • Tercer acte d'amor

    Barcelona: Proa, 2002

  • Llum de clara boia

    Lleida: Pagès, 2004

  • Peret, l'ànima d'un poble

    Barcelona: Edicions 62, 2005

  • Il·lusionistes del futbol

    Valls: Cossetània, 2007

  • A la taula del mig

    Palma: Moll, 2009

  • No. I sí

    Lleida: Pagès, 2009

  • On no sabem

    València: Tresiquatre, 2010

  • Ara et diré què em passa amb les dones i tretze contes més

    Palma: Moll, 2013

  • A l'hotel a deshora

    Girona: Curbet, 2014

  • La gota negra

    Lleida: Pagès, 2018

  • 1990 Rosa Leveroni - for: El lleu respir

  • 1992 Don-na - for: Diagnòstic: lluna nova

  • 1996 Miquel de Palol - for: Taques

  • 1999 Mercè Rodoreda - for: El tacte de l'ametlla

  • 2008 7LLETRES - for: No. I sí

  • 2010 Premi de la Crítica Serra d'Or de poesia - for: A la taula del mig

  • 2010 Premis Octubre: premi Vicent Andrés Estellés de poesia - for: On no sabem

  • 2010 Ploma d'Or del Consell Municipal de Cultura