Ali Babatschahi  (علی باباچاهی)




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Ali Babatschahi  علی باباچاهی

* 1942, Bushehr, Иран
Место жительства: Teheran, Иран

علی باباچاهی

Ali Babatschahi is poet, critic and journalist.

He was born in Busher in South Iran at the Persian Golf in 1942. He studied Persian literature at the University of Shiraz.

Having published over 30 books, poetry books, critical articles and poetry for young people Babatschahi is today one of the most important contemporary Persian poets. Since he published the poetry book 'Nam Nam e Baranam' (I am gentle rain) in 1978 he is considered to make part of the postmodern and avant-garde poetry scene. So this tendency is represented in some of his work, like the essay book “Poetry in another situation”, which initiated a heated debate between its readers, most of his poetry is not to be classified to a certain form of poetry. In fact each of his books takes a way on its own, plays with form and language and develops by new plots a spontaneousness that is known from the poetry of the American writer John Ashbery.

Babatschahi has been working for 10 years in the poetry section of the well known literature magazine 'Adineh', which is forbidden by the Iranian department of Censorship.

Babatschahi lives in Teheran where he is directing a poetry work shop.

His poems have been translated into Arabic, German, Swedish, English, Russian and Kurdish.

  • در بي تكيه گاهي

    مجموعه شعر

    ،پخش از زمان, 1346 / 1967

  • جهان و روشنايي هاي غمناك

    پخش از زمان, 1349 / 1970

  • از نسل آفتاب

    مجموعه شعر

    ،مهرداد ،رز, 1353 / 1974

  • صداي شن

    گزيده ي شعر

    ،ابن سينا ،تبريز, 1356 / 1977

  • نم نم بارانم،

    چاپ دوم

    نشر چشمه, 1356 / 1978

  • از خاكمان آفتاب برمي آيد

    مجموعه شعر

    ،بهنام ،تبريز, 1360 / 1981

  • آواي دريا مردان

    مجموعه شعر

    عصر جديد, 1368 / 1989

  • گزينه ي اشعار

    چاپ اول

    ويس, 1369 / 1990

  • گزينه ي اشعار

    چاپ دوم

    درسا, 1372 / 1993

  • منزل هاي دريا بي نشان است

    با تاخير

    تكاپو, 1376 / 1997

  • عقل عذابم مي دهد

    همراه, 1379 / 2000

  • رفته بودم به صيد نهنگ ،انتشارات پاندا

    مشهد, 1383 / 2004

  • گزينه اشعار

    نشر مرواريد, 1384 / 2004

  • پيكاسو در آب هاي خليج فارس

    نشر ثالث, 1386 / 2007

  • فقط از پریان دریایی زخم زبان نمی خورد

    نشر نوید شیراز, 1388 / 2009

  • بیا گوش ماهی جمع کنیم

    نشر شروع, 1390 / 2011