Taras Malkovych  (Тарас Малкович)




[Легені світла люстри відображеного] ucraniano

[Численні сокири нависають над деревами] ucraniano

[Дійшло ось до чого: за день ти досяг лише] ucraniano

Taras Malkovych  Тарас Малкович

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* 15.01.1988, Kyiv, Ucrânia
vive em: Kyiv, Ucrânia

Taras Malkovych (Тарас Малкович) is a poet and a translator. He was born on January, 15, 1988 in Kyiv, Ukraine, the son of the well-known Ukrainian poet Ivan Malkovych. He graduated from the department of theory and practice of translation at the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University and received his PhD for a thesis on the specifics of Ukrainian and international film translations. He was a Visiting Fulbright Scholar at Columbia University, researching modern American poetry

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His poems, translated into Polish, English and German, among others, and his own translations have appeared in Ukrainian literary magazines and online literary portals. He has been a participant of various literary festivals and is the editor of the anthology Snovydy. Sny Ukrayinskykh Pysmennykiv (The Sleepwalkers. Dreams of Ukrainian Writers, 2010) and the author of the poetry collection Toy, khto lyubyt’ dovhi slova (The one who loves long words, 2013). An anthology of young US poetry in his own Ukrainian translations appeared in 2016. His poems were published in English translation by Underground Books in New York City in 2017 under the title Name Over.

He lives in Kyiv.