Nikolina Andova Shopova  (Николина Андова Шопова)




Ајде да му избегаме на времето macedónio

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Nikolina Andova Shopova  Николина Андова Шопова

Foto © Igor Todorovski
* 03.02.1978, Skopje, Macedônia
vive em: Skopje, Macedônia

Nikolina Andova-Shopova (born in 1978 in Skopje, Macedonia) studied Macedonian and Yugoslav Literature at the University in Skopje. As a member of the New Wave Generation she writes predominantly haikus, a traditional Japanese verse form. Her texts have been translated into many languages including English, Serbian, French, German, Bulgarian and Chinese. As well as poems she writes short stories and children’s verse.
Her debut The entrance is on the other side was published in 2013 and was awarded several prizes including the UNESCO Prize. The book surprises with its provocative content and ironic tone. With childlike simplicity Andova-Shopova writes in her poems about life and death. Without being dogmatic she tells of god and love, thereby inventing a new world in which the entrance is always on the other side

 Foto © Igor Todorovski