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Nikola Madzirov  Никола Маџиров

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* 27.05.1973, Strumica, Macedônia
vive em: , Macedônia

Nikola Madzirov was born 1973 in Strumica, Macedonia, in a family of Balkan Wars refugees. He is one of Macedonia's most distinguished poets. His poetry has been translated into more than thirty languages and published in magazines and anthologies both in Macedonia and abroad. For his book Relocated stone (2007) he received the European Hubert Burda poetry award and the most prestigious Macedonian poetry prize Miladinov Brothers. For the book Locked in the city (1999) he was given the Studentski Zbor award for the best debut, while for the collection of poems Somewhere nowhere (1999) the Aco Karamanov prize. In 2008, Oliver Lake, one of the most original contemporary American jazz composers and collaborator of Björk and Lou Reed, composed music based on Madzirov's poems, which was performed at the Jazz Poetry Concert in Pittsburgh, USA. According to the poetry of Nikola Madzirov two short movies were shot in Croatia and Bulgaria.

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Madzirov has published poetry, essays and translations. He was poetry editor of the e-magazine for literature and culture Blesok and he is the Macedonian coordinator of Lyrikline. Madzirov has taken part in many international poetry festivals (International Poetry Festival in Nicaragua; Poetry Spring in Lithuania; Jazz Poetry Concert in USA; Ars Poetica in Slovakia; Struga Poetry Evenings in Macedonia; Vilenica and Medana in Slovenia...) and has received several international awards and fellowships: International Writing Program (IWP) at the University of Iowa in USA; Literarisches Tandem in Berlin; KultuKontakt fellowship in Vienna; Internationales Haus der Autoren in Graz; Literatur Haus NÖ in Krems and Villa Waldberta in Munich.

  • Заклучени во градот

    Скопје: МАГОР, 1999

  • Некаде никаде

    Радовиш: КАРАМАНОВИ СРЕДБИ, 1999

  • Во градот, некаде


    Скопје: МАГОР, 2004

  • Преместен камен

    Скопје: МАГОР, 2007

  • Начин на постоење


    Битола: МИКЕНА, 2009

  • Premješten kamen

    (Croatian translation)

    Croatia: FRAKTURA, 2009

  • Rúnimirce an Anama

    (Irish translation)

    Ireland: COISCÉIM, 2010

  • Versetzter Stein

    Aus dem Makedonischen von Alexander Sitzmann

    München: Edition Lyrik Kabinett bei Hanser, 2011

  • 1999 Studentski Zbor Award (for Best Debut)

  • 1999 Aco Karamanov Award

  • 2007 Hubert Burda European Poetry Award

  • 2007 Brothers Miladinov Award

  • 2007 Fifteen Martyrs of Tiveriopol Award