Lut De Block 




Lut De Block 

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* 28.12.1952, Hamme, Bélgica
vive em: Sint-Amandsberg/Ghent, Bélgica

Lut de Block was born in 1952 in Hamme, Belgium. Her poems were translated into French, English and Afrikaans.

In her first volume of poetry Vader (Eng. father) from 1984 she described in an undercooled and light-sensitive tone the loss of her father, who died as she was ten. Other poetry books like Landziek (Eng. country sick) and Entre deux mers follow, in which she finds her very own voice.

Her poems have often dark themes, but an airy, almost cheerful tone, what gives her texts a certain ambiguity.

 Foto © private
Today the author lives in Sint-Amandsberg/Ghent, Belgium.

  • Vader

    Gent: Yang, 1984

  • Landziek

    Gent: Poëziecentrum, 1988

  • Entre deux mers

    Amsterdam: De Arbeiderspers, 1997

  • De luwte van het late middaguur

    Amsterdam: De Arbeiderspers, 2002

  • Het onverborgene

    Amsterdam: De Arbeiderspers, 2006

  • Het holst van de lente: plattelandsgedichten 2007-2009

    Gent: Provincie Oost-Vlanderen, 2010

  • 1984 Yang Poëzieprijs

  • 1997 Poëzieprijs van de Provincie Oost-Vlanderen