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John Mateer 

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* 01.01.1971, Johannesburg, África do Sul
vive em: Perth, Austrália

John Mateer was born in Johannesburg. He spent his childhood in South Africa and Canada, and shortly before being conscripted moved with his parents and sisters to Australia. He travels frequently, often to Asia and


When asked whether he feels he is Australian or South African, he usually

falls silent.

The novelist JM Coetzee, writing on his South African poems, states:

“Written from the rim of the far-flung South African diaspora, these poems

 Foto ©
by Mateer roll back the tide of forgetting, giving us one glimpse after

another of a beloved homeland.” While the Australian critic Martin Harrison

has suggested that Mateer “is a poet who speaks towards the centre of

Australian culture.” And the Portuguese poet Manuel de Freitas, in a

review of the booklet The Travels/Viagens, sees that in the poems there

“is an “I” rightfully translated into the language, itself nomadic, of Camões,

Pessanha or Gil de Carvalho…”

Mateer’s poems have appeared in books in Australia, the UK and Austria,

and in ephemeral booklets in some of the places about which he has

written: South Africa, Australia, Japan, Sumatra, Macau and Portugal.

His most recent publications are The West: Australian Poems 1989-2009

(Fremantle Press), The Azanians (T41), Ex-White/Einmal Weiss: South

African Poems
(Sisyphus Verlag), and the forthcoming Namban/Southern

, poems about the Portuguese world (T41 and Giramondo).

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  • Anachronism


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  • Spitting Out Seeds

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  • Mister! Mister! Mister!

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  • Barefoot Speech


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  • Loanwords


    Fremantle: Fremantle Press, 2002

  • Spitting Out Seeds


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  • The Ancient Capital of Images

    Kyoto: privately published, 2003

  • Semar's Cave

    [non-fiction travelogue]

    Fremantle: Fremantle Press, 2004

  • The Brewery Site: Six Poems


    Sydney: Vagabond Press, 2004

  • The Ancient Capital of Images


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  • Elsewhere

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  • Southern Barbarians

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  • The Language

    with Layli Rakhsha

    Perth: privately published, 2009

  • The Republic of the East

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  • Travels

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    Australian Poems 1989-2009

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  • The Azanians

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  • Southern Barbarians

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  • Unbelievers, or 'The Moor'

    Bristol: Shearsman Books, 2013

  • Unbelievers, or »The Moor«

    Sydney: Giramondo, 2013

  • Emptiness

    Asian Poems, 1998-2012

    Fremantle: Fremantle Press, 2014

  • The Quiet Slave

    A history in eight episodes

    Perth: Spaced, 2015

  • The Scar-tree / Der Narbenbaum

    Übertragen von Andreas Schachermayr

    Berlin: Hochroth, 2015

  • 2001 Victorian Premier’s Prize for Poetry

  • 2003 Centenary Medal

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