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Konvice checo

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to poem

Tmavě checo

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to poem

Zkratka checo

Vztlak checo

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Jaromír Typlt 

Foto © Apolena Typltová
* 25.07.1973, Nová Paka, República Tcheca
vive em: Prague, República Tcheca

The poet, prose writer, essayist, art curator, editor and performer Jaromír Typlt was born on 25th July 1973 in Nová Paka. He graduated in Czech language and literature and Philosophy at Charles University in Prague. In 1994 he won the Jiří Orten Prize for his collection of poems Ztracené peklo. From 2000 to 2010 he worked as a curator in Liberec. Today he lives and writes in Prague and Nová Paka. 

The interest in fine arts is crucial for his literary work. He is the curator of few exhibitions of extraordinary Bohemian painters and sculptors and editor of their texts - for example Zdeněk Košek, Hana Fousková, František Novák and Ladislav Zívr. He has created book-objects as bibliophilisms in collaboration with other allied artists. His texts also became a part of two short films by Viktor Kopasz – Shadowplay (2002) and Vineyard (2012) and one film by Swoon - Ve znaku/ In the Sign (2013).

 Foto © Apolena Typltová
Besides it Typlt is active as performer. He put emphasis on the word and language itself in all kind of art, in all kind of media which he is able to use. The significant is the cooperation with music composer and radioartist Michal Rataj who created radio composition Že ne zas až (2006) or album Škrábanice (Scribbles, 2014). Typlt and Rataj perform with their composition alive. It’s partly improvisation with sound effects of the writing and the scribbling and partly recitation of Typlt’s poetry. Next Typlt’s indispensable partner in art is poet and Germanist Pavel Novotný. Typlt and Novotný show dadaistic phonic opus Ursonate by Kurt Schwitters.

Typlt has always connected more art disciplines together: fine arts with poetry, poetry with performance and radio art. His attitude to art work as to Gesamtkunstwerk is very unique in contemporary Czech literature. His identity isn’t legible immediately but impalpable and intangible; in spite of this he is very rational and well-educated author who likes explain his art in commentary. He is one of few successors of Czech literary experiment of 60’s and Czech avant-garde in his generation.

  • Koncerto grosso


    Praha: Mladá fronta, 1990

  • Pohyblivé prahy chrámů


    Praha: Mladá fronta, 1991

  • Zápas s rodokmenem


    Praha: Pražská imaginace, 1993

  • Dříve než vzápětí

    edice Tvary, 1994

  • Ztracené peklo


    Praha: Český spisovatel, 1994

  • Rozžhavená kra


    Olomouc: Votobia, 1996

  • Opakem o překot


    Brno: Host, 1996

  • že ne zas až


    Brno: Host, 2003

  • Stisk


    Praha: Torst, 2007

  • Michal přes noc


    Praha: Tympanum, 2012

  • Ladislav Zívr


    Praha: KANT, 2013

  • Škrábanice/ Scribbles

    Music and poems, co-author: Michal Rataj

    Praha: Polí5, 2014

  • Za dlouho

    Praha: Argo, 2016

  • 2004 Jiří Orten Prize