Gilad Meiri  (גלעד מאירי)




לְהִסְתַּדֵּר כֻּלָּם מִסְתַּדְּרִים בַּסּוֹף סוֹף hebraico

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אהבה hebraico

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חתונה ירוקה hebraico

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הַבַּיִת הָפוּךְ hebraico

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שני הפוכים hebraico

אחריות הורית hebraico

לָמֶד hebraico

גבי עוזיאל hebraico

קולקציה hebraico

צלקת, מזכרת יחידה מסבתי החורגת hebraico

Gilad Meiri  גלעד מאירי

Foto © Moti Kikayon
* 21.03.1965, Jerusalem, Israel
vive em: Jerusalem, Israel

Gilad Meiri (born in Jerusalem in 1965) gained his PhD with a thesis on Poetry as Parody: Aspects of Laughter, Modernism and Postmodernism in David Avidan’s Poetry. He is co-founder and director of the poetry centre The Poetry Place ( and director of One Square Meter. Jerusalem Poetry Festival. Meiri has described his poetics at Poetry International as “nano-poetics”: In his poems there are untidy living rooms, zips rattling in washing machines and the contents of family picnic baskets. Everyday life becomes a surface for reflecting on subjects such as family, history, violence or the relationship between the Israelis of today and Jewish history. Gilad Meiri was awarded the Prime Minister’s Prize for Literature in 2008 and in 2012 the ACUM Award for Poetry.

 Foto © Moti Kikayon
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