Ghayath Almadhoun  (غياث المدهون)




Ghayath Almadhoun  غياث المدهون

Foto © Cato Lein
* 05.09.1979, Damascus, Síria
vive em: Berlin, Suécia

Ghayath Almadhoun is a Palestinian poet born in Damascus in 1979 and moved to Sweden in 2008. He writes poetry and has been translated into nearly 30 languages. Currently, he lives between Berlin and Stockholm.
Almadhoun has published five collections of poetry in Arabic, the latest being "Adrenaline" in 2017 and "I Brought You a Severed Hand" in 2024, both published in Arabic by Almutawassit in Milan.
In Sweden, he has been translated and published in two collections: Asylansökan, Ersatz, 2010, which was awarded the Klas de Vylders stipendiefond for immigrant writers. He has also written Till Damaskus, Albert Bonniers Förlag, 2014, together with the Swedish poet Marie Silkeberg. which was included in the literary critic list for Best New Books at “Dagens Nyheter”, Sweden's largest newspaper, and made into a radio play for Swedish National Radio.
Almadhoun has also made several poetry films with Silkeberg, and his most recent poetry film, Évian, won the Zebra Award for the best poetry film of 2020.
The Dutch translation of Almadhoun's poetry, Weg van Damascus, (Uitgeverij Jurgen Maas) Amsterdam 2014, was one of the top 10 selling poetry books in Belgium for several weeks in 2015 and 2017.
Almadhoun's poetry has been included in the work of many artists, for example, the renowned American artist Jenny Holzer has projected poems by Almadhoun in “For Aarhus” Aarhus, Denmark, "MASS MoCA" Massachusetts, USA, "Off-White" Florence, Italy, Blenheim Palace, England & "Tutta la Verità" Bergamo, Italy. Legendary artist Blixa Bargeld has also read his poetry aloud in Norway and Greece.
In 2017, with the Dutch poet Anne Vegter, he published the poetry collection "ik hier jij daar" (Uitgeverij Jurgen Maas) Amsterdam 2017. The book was also one of Belgium's 10 best-selling poetry books for several weeks in 2017.
Adrenalin a selection of his poems translated into English by Catherine Cobham was published by Action Books, USA, in November 2017.
Adrenalin was on the 2018 BTBA longlist, Best Translated Book Award in the USA, and on the Small Press Distribution list of Poetry Bestsellers for four months - December 2017, January 2018, February 2018 & and January 2019.
"Ein Raubtier namens Mittelmeer" a selection of poems by Almadhoun translated into German by Larissa was published in February 2018 by (Arche Literatur Verlag AG) Zurich / Hamburg.
The book was ranked number 1 on the "Litprom-Bestenliste / Sommer 2018" list for the best books translated into German.
His poems have recently been published in three newly translated Bengali, Persian, and Italian books.
Almadhoun was awarded the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program scholarship (Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD) 2019 / 2020.
In 2022/2023, Almadhoun curated and edited the German poetry anthology Kontinentaldrift – Das Arabische Europa, which included 31 Arabic poets living in Europe, translated it into German and published it bilingually in German and Arabic with a long foreword on Arabic poetry. The anthology was published in Germany in September 2023, by Verlag das Wunderhorn in collaboration with the Haus für Poesie in Berlin.

 Foto © Cato Lein
  • قصائد سقطت سهوًا

    published by the Arabic Writers Union

    Damascus: Arab Writers Union, 2004

  • كلما اتسعت المدينة ضاقت غرفتي

    published by the Ministry of Culture in Syria on the occasion of Damascus as Capital for Arabic Culture

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  • Asylansökan

    Poems translated into Swedish

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  • Prestolnica

    Poems translated into Slovenian

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  • The City

    Poetry film together with Marie Silkeberg


  • Your Memory is My Freedom

    Poetry film together with Marie Silkeberg


  • Till Damaskus

    Poetry collection by Ghayath Almadhoun & Marie Silkeberg

    Translation of the Arabic poems into Swedish: Ghayath Almadhoun & Marie Silkeberg

    Stockholm: Albert Bonniers Förlag, 2014

  • لا أستطيع الحضور

    published by the Arab Institute for Research and Publishing in Beirut and Amman

    Beirut: Airpbooks, 2014

  • Weg van Damascus

    Poetry collection translated into Dutch

    Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Jurgen Maas, 2014

  • The Celebration

    Poetry film together with Marie Silkeberg


  • Snow

    Poetry film together with Marie Silkeberg


  • أدرينالين

    Published by Almutawassit in Milano

    Milano: Almutawassit, 2017

  • ik hier jij daar

    together with Anne Vegter

    Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Jurgen Maas, 2017

  • Ein Raubtier, das Mittelmeer heißt

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  • Adrenalin

    Poetry selection translated into Bengali by Manos Chakraborty

    West Bengal, India: November 2019

  • آدرنالین

    Poetry selection translated into Persian by Sara Rahmati

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  • Évian

    Poetry Film

    Best Poetry Film 2020 - ZEBRA poetry film festival

    Berlin: 2020

  • Adrenalina

    Poetry book translated into Italian by Jolanda Guardi

    Milano: Edizioni Centro Studi Ilà®, 2021

  • لقد أحضرتُ لكِ يداً مقطوعة

    Published by Almutawassit in Milano

    Milano: Almutawassit, 2024

  • Ik heb een afgehakte hand voor je meegenomen

    Poetry collection translated into Dutch

    Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Jurgen Maas, 2024

  • 2005 Almazraa prize

  • 2008 Damascus Arab Capital of Culture prize for young writers

  • 2012 Klas de Vylders prize

  • 2008 The DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program award scholarship (Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD)

  • 2020 Best Poetry Film 2020 - ZEBRA poetry film festival